Whose side???

Is this administration really on???

The Biden administration is holding up shipments of two types of Boeing-made precision bombs to send a political message to Israel, according to a U.S. official and six other people with knowledge of the deliberations.

The U.S. has yet to sign off on a pending sale of Boeing’s Joint Direct Attack Munitions — both the munitions and kits that convert them to smart weapons — and Small Diameter Bombs, according to six industry and congressional sources with knowledge of the discussions.

Full article, HERE from Politico.

Anybody who can actually parse data knows that Hamas is using civilians as hostages as they have since Oct 7, INCLUDING their own people. Israel has gone out of its way to prevent collateral damage, including safe zones, safe corridors, etc. since they first went into Gaza.

Also the damage/dead posted by Hamas is exaggerated by at least a factor of 2-3 if not more, but the MSM takes it as gospel, never asking any questions. Nor are they doing any in depth reporting on what Israeli troops are actually finding inside Gaza.

Kinda reminds me of the three monkeys…

The other thing I find interesting is that by limiting the JDAM kits/SDBs, the administration is FORCING Israel to actually use less accurate bombs when they truly need the precision to keep from collateral damage.

And it seems that for every dollar of aid to Israel, the left/dems are pushing an equal amount to Hamas under the table. Like building a $350M dock in Gaza for aid, which Hamas has already launched mortar attacks at.

The other thing I find ‘interesting’ is that no Arab country is willing to take Palestinians as refugees! What does that tell you about them? But Xiden wants to bring them here?


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  1. Regardless of what our Anti-Semite president does will not deter Israel from completing the clean up in Rafah. This war was prophecied in the Torah and God will have the IDF finish the job. The real tragedy of the decisions of Biden is that America will suffer over the decision to withhold the weapons Israel could use to finish and reduce collateral damage. The Torah (Old Testament) says God will bless those who bless you and God will curse those who curse you.

  2. Biden is insane. In 1967, Jordan took in thousands of Palestinian refugees including the PLO lock, stock and barrel. In 1970, the PLO launch an attempted coup to overthrow the Jordanian government. After brutal fighting, the Palestinians were evicted to Lebanon, where they, with the help of Syria and Iran, caused civil war and wrecked another country.

    Israel’s neighbors know better than to let Palestinians into their countries. We should too.

    • There’s a reason God told Israel to wipe out the Canaanites.
      The fullness of their transgressions.
      I think on Oct 7th, that thresh hold was met.

  3. I hope the Israelis have the resources to finish this on their own. Uncle Joe and his Democratic enablers are flaming hypocrites — as well as being cowards.

  4. You should turn off the sound on your TV. Look at the images of apartment buildings that have been hit with a 2000# bomb. Ask yourself if that looked like “gone out of its way to prevent collateral damage?” If you mother or daughter had been in that building . . .
    You have shown yourself adept at recognizing propaganda and mental programing in all but this ONE exception. It is not to late to see the truth, to say the truth. Gaza is the Holocaust!

    • Hitting an apartment building that probably contains Hamas rocket launchers and would be empty of civilians were it not for Hamas physically preventing people from evacuating to the safe zones is not propaganda.

      Do all sides utilize propaganda? Yes. They do. Did Hamas go out of its way to minimize civilian casualties at any time in their history? No. In fact they have spent most of the last 80 years targeting civilians. Has Israel gone out of its way to publicize safe routes, safe zones, time of attacks, etc before bombing Hamas weapons storages and tunnels? Yes, they have. Meanwhile Hamas puts their fighters and munitions in the basements of hospitals and schools so that they can claim that Israel is attacking civilians.

      If my mother or daughter had been in that building I would feel horrible but I would also know exactly who to blame, the people who wouldn’t let them leave before a known attack.

    • Knock Knock bombs.
      Who but Israel?
      If my mother or my daughter (what sons are of no value?) had been in that building, I’ll bet they were supporting Hamas on Oct 7th and after.

    • So? Whooptie doo. Ever seen a bus peeled open because of a Hamas ‘personal attack’? Or a building hit by one of Hamas’ unguided water pipe missiles?

      Israel is fighting the war the only way to fight a war. That is, to win as quickly as possible.

      If you want to compare, how many of the Oct7 casualties in Israel were military personnel and how many were civilians? Now look at Gaza and how many are military personnel and their helpers and how many are pure innocent civilians?

      That ‘helper’ thing is a big issue. Hamas and Hezbollah both use females, old people and children as pack mules and carriers because they know Israel won’t usually fire on people not actively shooting at them, well, tried not to before Oct7. Why? Because, even though the Israelis knew the ‘non-combatants’ were directly assisting the ‘combatants’ by carrying stuff, shielding, spotting and guiding, the optics looked bad.

      Now, after Oct7, the full FAFO has been unleashed and yet HAMAS is still playing the same game. And most of the Gazans still fully support HAMAS.

      Eh, screw them. Been parasites upon the face of the earth since, well, 1948ish. That’s almost 80 years the Gazans could have become peaceful productive citizens and good neighbors. But, no. Again, screw them.

  5. I too found it worthy of note that neighboring Arab/ Muslim countries were wary and outright unwilling to take in Palestinians , or so it seems from from what I have gleaned following along with my limited sources .

    As a side note , like most M.E. vets , I too bought a couple of Arab type head cloths from different places , should bought a couple of hundred and sold them now in college towns about now .

    • A sane administration would have used all its powers to find and recover the hostages and retaliate in full force against anyone who harmed a hair on a US citizen’s head.

      But we don’t have a sane administration.

      • It may be sane, but working for our nation’s enemies and with a demented fool as figurehead leader.

  6. Following the money will tell you who’s side the current administration is on. Stopping Israel from solving their problem quickly is a step forward into finding another source of money laundering. It’s a gamble. Israel faces disaster, and they have a tendency to ruthlessly destroy those that attempt to accomplish their destruction. They have, and will, do so in a manner that leaves no clear evidence.

  7. All- Thanks for the comments. Trumpeter, yes, I’ve seen what bombs do. IF there were other than Hamas there, which we don’t know for sure, they were prisoners of Hamas. They routinely use innocent civilians as ‘protection’ for their actions. There are many examples of this, and I have also seen the reports of what Hamas has done to busses, kibbutzim, and various squares in Israel with their indiscriminate attacks on innocent Israeli civilians. Personally, I think the Israeli restraint is admirable, considering what has been done to them.

  8. Supposedly, the Admin and Dems (but I repeat myself) are worried about “losing support in Michigan.” Now, the other 49 states might differ about priorities and focus.

    Genocide? What about “Hama Rules?” Jordan wasn’t the only country to get a touch peeved with the PLO/Muslim Brotherhood types, IIRC. Compared to what the Hashemites and Assads have done, the Israelis are paragons of caution and kindness.

  9. I assume that Politicians act in their own interests..

    Their No.1 priority is to get elected and stay elected. Everything else is secondary. We think it’s about money, but money is only one way of Getting Stuff Done. In reality, it’s about power. People in Office have more real power than those with Money, despite what they try to make you believe.

    Israel HAS been very careful. They are caught between the rock of HAMAS determination to destroy them, and the Hard Place of needing allies amongst squeamish nations who have not faced that kind of threat for generations. Part of our collective stupidity is that we place a nice, neat (and completely imaginary ) dividing line between soldiers in uniform and the “innocent” civilians who vote for HAMAS, indoctrinate their children in violence, and take no steps to deal with the murderers that live amongst them.

    “Empathy” is a failure in judgement.

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