Interesting, heads up folks…

Welp, looks like I’m DONE with Draft 2 Digital…

Got this yesterday from them after a month of back and forth BS, including sending them a copy of my IRS issued EIN paperwork!


As described in a prior notification, the tax identification information you submitted for your Draft2Digital partner account does not match US IRS records. Since you did not provide a valid taxpayer identification number, per US IRS requirements, your tax form is invalid and you will be unable to distribute your title.

When you have all necessary tax information prepared, you may retake the full tax interview by logging onto the Draft2Digital site and navigate to My Account: Manage Payment Options to update your tax information. There, you will find our secure online tax interview.

Please note that Draft2Digital uses Tax Identity Solutions, a third-party tax provider, to gather tax information.

Important Notice: Information in this document does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice. If you have other questions, please contact your tax, legal, or other professional advisor.

Thank you for your assistance.

Draft2Digital | Tax Identity Solutions

Lemme see… how do I say this? BS?  Yep, BS! When I send it the copy of the document itself, and they say it does not match IRS records, I call BS, since that’s the EIN I’ve been using for SEVEN years with no issues with either my accountant or my tax preparer!

Oh well, cross them off the list of possible printing options. I know others may use them, but if they are playing these games, what else are they doing behind the scenes???


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  1. What is the deal with this outfit? I don’t understand the nuts and bolts of this process. Why use them? What was their appeal in the first place? Sounds like they don’t want your business.

    • Amazon printing quality has taken a dive, so some authors/small publishers have been going to D2D for printing services.

      • I haven’t been experiencing any print issues with Amazon. Maybe it’s a regional thing?

  2. I had a problem with my card processor over this – turns out they needed my SSN.

    I’m done with third party groups that don’t say what they’re doing with my data or demand it with no explanation or expressed limits on what they can do with it.

  3. Did the friendly folks at Draft2Digital tell you specifically what it was that failed to match? It could be a misspelling of your name or address. One letter disqualifies the entire form, and they’re probably using overseas labor.

    Please keep us posted on the replacement company.

  4. DEI hires monitoring algorithms. What could possibly go wrong? Brings “Good help is hard to find” to a whole ‘nother level.

  5. Yeah, D2D is run by assholes.
    They do everything DIFFERENT from what everyone else does, and then pretty much tell you how they know better. Dealing with them is like pulling teeth.

    I’m still surprised they bought Smashwords, because for how long they’ve been out there, the simple fact that they don’t know anything about how the business runs, or how to run a business in this industry remains a shock. Gotta wonder who’s funding them. I just find it hard to believe they’re making money.

    I’ve been holding off really doing stuff with them because of how HARD they make it.

  6. They’re the Marketing Dept. of Sirius Cybernetics? Or at least in the same (lack of any) class?

  7. All- Thanks, no specifics other than what was in the email. More interesting, in a previous email they said I was ‘violating’ IRS rules… Funny how the one I got said to ‘consult your tax professionals’…

    Oh, and this is all I’ve gotten back from them, even after finally getting to a live body who said they would ‘get back with me’.

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