Once again the government is ‘fudging’ the numbers on inflation…

Call it a preview of Wednesday’s release of the official inflation figures for April, but American consumers say they expect inflation to go higher — and stay there longer. A New York Federal Reserve survey just out Monday shows that consumers have “raised their expectations for price increases both in the near and longer term, fueled by higher inflation in home prices along with fuel and energy.”

And coffee. Don’t forget the coffee. But I’ll come back to that momentarily. 

Full article, HERE.

The Kobeissi Letter shows once again how BAD inflation truly is, especially if you’re a coffee drinker… Hit the show more on the X feed for an expansion!

And just how scummy and unrealistic the numbers are… Coffee is up 78%, so they drop it… Gasoline is no longer reported (and hasn’t been for a long time), the cost of power is no longer reported, etc…

We’ve done back of the envelope calculations, FWIW, and figured inflation was over 20% the last two years, which means those of us on pensions or military retirements are losing conservatively 10-15% with every ‘pay raise’ we get, since they base it off the CPI!

And what about the elderly who are only on Social Security? I’m afraid to think about what they can and cannot afford, with prescription costs going up. Do they eat, get medicine, pay the water bill, or keep the lights on?

I’m betting quite a few cannot do more than 2-3 of those four…

And it’s only getting worse!


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  1. On the other paw, cockroach burger prices are down, so we’ve got that going for us. 😛

  2. The Demonrats running the Government will continue to eliminate any product that goes above a level that will drive the CPI up higher than a set amount that the determine to say inflation is not very high. All political to make the Demonrat Biden and the the rest of the pack look like they are doing a great job. What a joke!

  3. Biden’s Admin is destroying the country and they have yet to be truthful ever. The Dems lie and lie always. The MSM does not report the news just propaganda for the Dems to try to keep Biden in power. If we keep the present UNIPARTY in office we will collapse as a country. The grocery store and bills tell everyone how bad it is.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Pravda On the Potomac will say “It is great” to let everyone believe that everything is ok so that vegetable in the Whitehouse can get a second term, and since they live in the .gov bubble the prices don’t really affect them ya know. Only the “Flyover people,, and who cares what those rubes think”.

  5. I’m just amazed we’re not already in a full fledged civil war. Image how this would have been received 50 years ago.
    The government is literally destroying the country, and no one cares enough to actually do anything about it.

    • The reason why things aren’t kinetic is because too many on the right side of the potential conflict know how much going active shooting will destroy everything.

      Expect that to happen when Biden et al steal the election in November because that will be the last straw.

    • A significant portion of those upset at the Biden* Regime are inveterate rule followers. They will happily vote against him, but break the rules?

    • We have not yet had our Lexington and Concord moment where the people feel violence is the last solution left. As more migrants flood the country, I have to wonder how much bottled-up frustration they feel. So far the only violence is Trans kids shooting up gun free zones and Antifa setting up their own little kingdoms. Hard to get the people behind that.

      People seem to be expecting something, but so far nothing has been sufficient to press the go button.

      Anyone want to start a Pool? I’ve got 10 dollars on FBI arresting Trump.

      • i’ll take that bet, and counter with 10 bucks that the cia has him assassinated instead. see slovakia.

  6. This morning stopped at a Love’s Truck Stop to use the facility. Walking past the food bar I was struck by the much smaller portions offered a the same price a month ago.

    My old stomach can no longer handle truck stop food but old habits don’t die.

  7. I am just surprised that the BLS told us that they had stopped including coffee in the overall numbers instead of people have to ferret out the information. Why the heck would any economist want useful, accurate data to use. Way too much to expect from the government. “C’mon Man”!

  8. Why is the gubermint lying? Well, one of the reasons is the Social Security Cost Of Living adjustment is tied directly to the official gubmint inflation rate.

  9. It’s robbery.
    They have committed a huge swindle.
    They sold the dollar short.
    Borrowed on their wealth.
    Bought farmland and real estate and precious metals with borrowed money.
    Drove the dollar down.
    Next is to start selling some of the land and metals at inflated prices to pay off those loans in inflated dollars.
    Then they keep the remainder of the wealth they bought.

  10. Americans generally vote their pocket book. I generally think a president gets too much credit for the state of the economy while they are in office. In this case, though, I think multiple of the current administration’s policies are tanking the economy hard and have been for years.
    I’m buying an awful lot of store brand products these days.

    • Inflation is due to the monetary policy of the Fed which is independent of the Government and the President. Except for any collusion, or vetoing of outrageous congressional budgets, or using the bully pulpit to expound for sane fiscal policy, or…

      You get the idea. I think Andy Jackson shut down our first Federal Bank. We know how to get sane fiscal policy and the President can make it happen. The termites are just deep in the wood pile.

  11. An IMHO more important query (an NO, I don’t want answers, that’s your business).

    Given that receipts from last week to yesterday’s trip to WM that a can of pinto beans WM GV was 3 cents higher. How did your weekly raise go?

    Or even better, how deep is your awe shit pantry? (Again, no need to answer, time is wasting).

    How many calories and time do we waste on bitching? Myself, way too many.

  12. arab spring. we will take any abuse, any injustice, until the day the average guy like us can’t put food on the table for his family. then, only then will it all explode. that time is drawing near.

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