Maxine is off her meds…again???

Trump has been convicted in a trial that was so fair, so evenhanded that it would have warmed the cold, cold heart of Uncle Joe Stalin. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Hate Orange Man), however, is still not satisfied. Now she wants the “Justice” Department to go after the supporters of the man the left loves to hate, and who knows? That could very well be the plan.

Waters announced on MSNBC: “I am going to spend some time with the criminal justice system, with the justice system, asking them, ‘Tell us what’s going on with the domestic terrorists. Are they preparing a civil war against us? Should we be concerned about our safety? What is he doing with this divisive language? It is dangerous, and we’re going to have to make sure that we understand, uh, that we’re not at risk with this man talkin’ in the way that he’s doing.’” 

Full article, HERE from PJ Media.

Sigh…This is the woman that ‘hates’ the border wall, lives in a $5-6 million dollar house, while representing CA-43, one of the poorest sections of LA (including Compton). And has hated Trump since day one! She’s in her 80s, spent over 30 years in politics, and has been a loose cannon for most of them. She is well known for her rabble rousing rhetoric, which usually gets walked back or the infamous “That’s not what I said/meant” when questioned!

So, she wants to put anybody ‘not’ on her side on yet another terrorist list… Lemme find my shocked face, I know I’ve got it around here somewhere…

So, I end up on yet ‘another’ list. Hell, what’s one more…

Actually, Obummer/Napolitano already labeled all of us veterans as domestic terrorists back in 2009. Maybe she’s channeling that…



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  1. Term limits sound better and better. Yes, it would require amending the Constitution, but 30 years in the House is too long. Six terms in the House and two in the Senate would be good limits, in my opinion.

    What was it someone said a few years ago? “If you’re not on a list, you’re not trying (or you’re dead.)”

    • Term limits may be a good idea. I am not sure they are nearly as beneficial for the cause of liberty as limits on the amount of time staff and bureaucrats can remain in office. Or convincing the federal judiciary of the rightness of enforcing a strict nondelegation doctrine – that Article I Section 1 of the Constitution requires the legislature to do any regulating by proper legislation, not farming it out to executive agencies.

  2. The left continues to do anything and everything to divide our country. The rhetoric gets more and more strident more and more pushing toward violence. In their mindless rage to eliminate Trump and maintain political power they are setting the stage to destabilize our entire political process. When Trump wins the election (if he’s not assassinated first) we will then see an uprising of screeching, howling and protesting like we have never seen before along with probably much more lawfare against Trump.
    “A republic if you can keep it”

  3. Hey Old NFO,

    When President Trump got convicted, there were calls on “X” and other social media for violent demonstrations and I immediately replied that the people screaming for violent actions smells like “FEDBOI’s” and and don’t get wrapped around the axle for something that will hurt the President on his runup for the White house and to stay frosty. The GOP needs to go “Tit for Tat” on the donks, but privately I have doubts, it is in their nature to be spineless jellyfish.

  4. The worst part about the lists is that once you’re on ’em, you’re on ’em for life. All of the personal lists become political, and when a repub comes in, they don’t purge the lists. Hell, half the time they use ’em too.

  5. Are they preparing a civil war against us?
    IOW,are they getting tired enough of the bullshit we’ve been subjecting them to to do something about it?

  6. For “liberals” there are no enemies on the Left and for the hard Left Crazy Maxine and her equivalents at every level of politics have an important job: They say the quiet part out loud to move the Overton window. Then the “liberals,” who keep saying “that’s just Crazy Maxine” start saying what the Crazy Maxines were saying five or ten years before because the ratchet only goes one way.

  7. Wait, I’ve been a Domestic Terrorist since 2009 and didn’t know it? Dammit! I must’ve missed the memo. Do I get a DT discount card or something? I already get points at Mayo Clinic to get preferential hiring for some medical care position cuz I’m an elderly, half-blind, half-deaf, Veteran. Life is good!

  8. All- Thanks and yes, term limits ARE looking better and better, but you also need to drain the ‘swamp’ of bureaucrats that hide behind the congresscritters…

  9. I invite the old negro crone to make it personal and not get others to do her dirty work. Take us on herself, one-on-one, and show us if an 85 year old fraud can scratch our eyes out.

  10. I’m disappointed in the trial though. Trump paid off a porn star and THIS is what they decided to go with. Our justice system has become tabloid.

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