Can I get a translator over here???

Blogger Buzz ブログ(英語)をご覧いただきますとBlogger チームからの最新情報をご確認いただけます This is what pops up when you try to log into your blog from Japan… sigh…ON a brighter note, went to dinner with friends last night over in Hayama, had one of the best Italian meals … Continue reading

Another GOOD read…

A new blogger who I’m going to follow with a LOT of interest is Expert Witness he has one hellva background 🙂 Go check him out! … Continue reading

9/11- Time to move on???

Reading the newspapers this morning and listening to the news has just flat pissed me off…I lost two good friends in the Pentagon, Retired Captain Jack Punches and Captain Larry Getzfred. I served with and crossed paths with both these … Continue reading

Why do we even bother with debates?

In my tiny little mind, I cannot figure out what at least half of the questions asked in the “debate” tonight were supposed to be about, they didn’t have a damn thing to do with being a President- I think … Continue reading

Just Peachy!: As A Parent:

Just Peachy!: As A Parent: You have to go read Babs comments on bringing up children! Kudos to the Lady for a dead on set of comments. Too bad more people don’t believe the same way! Honesty in raising children … Continue reading

Miscellaneous Guy Stuff

Well, since I had no where to go this weekend, and the weather has been pretty nice, I talked a friend into playing Golf yesterday, except that he had also been invited to go Dove hunting… so we ended up … Continue reading

Random Stuff…

Diamondback Rattler Found at Edwards Air Force base- Don’t ya know that sucker would feed a family of four, or give you 32 hat bands… What is going on in this Country???? By Associated Press 1 hour ago COLORADO SPRINGS, … Continue reading

Leaders and Leadership

What is leadership? What does it mean? Who do you consider a leader? lead·er·ship (lē‘dər-shĭp’) n. 1. The process of leading. 2. Those entities that perform one or more acts of leading. 3. The ability to affect human behavior so … Continue reading

Pilots will like this one… (Correction)

My bad- I didn’t backcheck the origin of the video. This is an interesting little video clip shot from a T-44 with an F-16 HUD doing a night approach into Aspen, CO using FLIR (Forward Looking InfaRed). What you are … Continue reading

It’s HOT…

Well, the Beltway is melting today… It was 95 degrees at 1000 when we teed off this morning and it only got worse. By the 9th hole, it was 97, and when we finished at 1400, it was 99. Of … Continue reading