Well, this has been such a lousy week a couple of us decided to play hooky today, so we did… We “telecommuted”… 🙂 At least on ‘this’ hole I stayed out of the water… sigh… But a day on the … Continue reading

Bubba Wins!!!

I’m a pretty lousy golfer, but I ‘do’ enjoy watching good golf, and this afternoon there was some outstanding golf…It’s called the Masters at Augusta.  Now I know Snigs hates it, cause she has to put up with the idjits … Continue reading

Follow-up to appeasment and flog…er golf…

Well, the democraps continue to spew hate and discontent…One wonders how this will allow B. Hussein to “demonstrate” his foreign policy credentials as promised by his campaign? Is he going to talk the terrorists to death?sigh…And McCain is being accused … Continue reading

Miscellaneous Guy Stuff

Well, since I had no where to go this weekend, and the weather has been pretty nice, I talked a friend into playing Golf yesterday, except that he had also been invited to go Dove hunting… so we ended up … Continue reading