The Grey Man- Twilight…

Woo hoo! It’s real!!! Now comes the ‘fun’ of roofpreading it… Soon!!! Thank you all for your patience! … Continue reading


101,000 words. The draft will be going out this weekend to the alpha readers. And here’s a first look at a possible cover. Tina did another great job! … Continue reading

The Grey Man- Update redux….

There were enough comments/suggestions/recommendations I figured I’d post this again after the rewrite to see if y’all thought I did a better job… Round two! Shootout Aaron sighed as he turned onto I-10, Three more days of patrol, three more … Continue reading

The Grey Man, update…

Right at 90,000 words, wrapping it up now… BUT, I need some feedback on this one, I’m not sure if it maintains interest, is too over the top, has too much/not enough detail. So reader feedback is appreciated… Unedited, as … Continue reading

Back to writing…

Back on Grey Man #5, tentative title Twilight. Got 2500 words today, right at 75000 words. My ‘goal’ is to have it out before Christmas. I would like to apologize to my readers who have been delayed on the Grey … Continue reading

The Grey Man… Last tease…

Okay, one more tease, and I’m stopping until I finish the book… As always, unedited…. Underfoot Jesse huffed a stray strand of hair out of her face, looked around the display area and spotted the old farts as she thought … Continue reading

TGM update…

Plugging along on #5, almost 70k words, and occasionally I decide to ‘play’ a little bit with something… This chapter is based on a young sailor, many years ago, showing me his great grandad’s rifle, and wondering what it was … Continue reading

The Grey Man- Tease…

As always, unedited, at 60K words… Getting there… Missed Opportunity Aaron was bored to tears, glancing at the clock on the dash, it showed 2215, meaning he had another fifteen minutes before he could head back to Fort Stockton and … Continue reading

Book Updates!!!

First, thanks to those that purchased Rimworld- Into the Green, and thanks for the reveiws.  One reviewer pointed out there is a discrepancy with some formatting of text colors, and I’ve fixed that. It appears a random switch from black … Continue reading

The Grey Man- tease

I’m back at the writing on Grey Man #5, here’s one from this week. Surprise, surprise Jesse and Felicia loaded up the Suburban with the kids, Felicia hopped in the back seat and they headed to town, leaving the men … Continue reading