Changes in the Pentagon…

There has been a LOT of ‘change’ in the Pentagon but not much ‘hope’ under Obama… From Fox, the following was written by JD Gordon.  The whole article is HERE 1. Up to $1 trillion in defense cuts are planned … Continue reading

When the music stopped…

From a friend on the pointy end, from LSA Anaconda, Iraq…For those unaware, the National Anthem is played before every showing in a military motion picture theater. At a recent movie, in the large auditorium, we stood up and snapped … Continue reading

An Important Reminder

This from an article by Ralph Peters- Lawdog also had a post alluding to this from Michael Yon’s website… As Thanksgiving approaches, consider a vignette from Baghdad: As part of its campaign to eliminate Iraq’s Christian communities, alQaeda in 2004 … Continue reading

We are… (insert acronym here)

It’s really interesting to read various Web Logs (blogs) and see the assumptions the writers make that everyone knows exactly what the author means… Also, the creation of words and acronyms to make things easier… yeah, right… Just a random … Continue reading

I’m tired of being lied to…

The war is lost, the immigrents “deserve” to stay, we’re going to clean up Congress, we need an new AWB… Where does it end… sigh… The war is lost ONLY if you cut and run… The troops on the ground … Continue reading