Back in battery…

Welp, fun times are over, back to reality… sigh… Four days of no internet, very little TV/news, decent food, and mainly hanging out. Oh yeah… And supporting other authors! A bunch of us went down to San Antone to support … Continue reading

And a good time…

Was had by all!!! We’re down in San Antonio supporting Rob Hampson’s book signing, which went pretty well! And we had a little get together after that at a local restaurant, where us peons that are Indies could try and … Continue reading

On the road…

Making a quick trip to San Antone to support Rob Hampson! Saturday at Barnes and Noble San Pedro/I-410 on Saturday Aug. 19 at 2pm! Book signing for The Moon and the Desert! And a few of us will be doing … Continue reading

The lights!!!

The @#%#% LIGHTS!!! Had the next step in my cataract surgery yesterday, with the measurement of my eyeball for the new lens. I ‘know’ they need to get good pictures and other things for the measurements, but dayum… Four different … Continue reading

Home sweet home!!!

Back safe, no hits, no runs, no errors, and NO TICKETS 1943 miles later! Saw a ‘few’ weird things on the trips to and from Louisville… This is actually a golf cart, redone with a Bronco body! Pretty cute and … Continue reading

One wonders…

‘Which’ population she wants to reduce… Look, you can call it a mistake if you want — I have no doubt the fact-checkers are working overtime to make it clear it was a “gaffe” — but Kamala Harris did say it. I’m … Continue reading


Survived the weekend and the trip, back home and now comes the ‘fun’ part… laundry… If you’re REALLY bored, JR Handley put up Episode 262 of Blasters and Blades last week and Joelle Presby, Josh, JR, and I talked about … Continue reading

LibertyCon 2023!!!

I’m joining a lot of other folks in Chattanooga, TN for LibertyCon this weekend. If you’re there, here’s my schedule- Feel free to catch up with me or sit in on the panels. Regular blogging will recommence next Tuesday, so … Continue reading


Buttiwhatever is at it again… While ignoring a cornucopia of crises in his two-plus years as Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg has found a supposed crisis that he will address, and it sounds a lot like his previously trotted-out theory … Continue reading


Welp, yesterday was an ‘experience’ I don’t care to repeat… Got up early to catch and earlier flight home from SMF, only to have one pilot turn up sick. Back on my original flight to DEN. Got there, looked at … Continue reading