A weird bit of history…

This was sent to me by a former CO, who started in P-2s and later converted to P-3s. Here is a pic of the actual launch; since the P2V was too heavy (and this was before the jets were added), … Continue reading

The Geography of a Recession

This is a scary video; it shows, by county and state, the spread and the breadth and depth of unemployment from 2007 to today. It’s also interesting to note the places (CA and MS) that already had high unemployment in … Continue reading

Lynyrd Skynyrd – That aint my America…

They got it right… This needs to be our ‘song’ for 2010, Lets take back OUR country from the career politicians! Lets get back to our AMERICAN values; of the people, for the people, BY THE PEOPLE. Responsability for your … Continue reading

Camouflage And Christmas Lights

Song by Rodney Carrington- Nuff Said… … Continue reading

Random thoughts…

I was gonna stay the hell away from the whole Health Care debacle, but after reading ppgs 424-430 I just have to say one thing! Page 425: More bureaucracy: Advance Care Planning Consult: Senior Citizens, assisted suicide, euthanasia?• Page 425: … Continue reading

Return to Makin Island…

This happened in 1999, and is the story of the Marines going back to Makin Island in the Gilbert Islands to recover the 19 Marines from the Second Marine Raider Battalion that were killed and buried on the island after … Continue reading

Real Gunfighter Lance Thomas on Justice Files

I think this pretty well counters the 20-20 and 60 minutes crap… Nuff said… … Continue reading

Medvedev slaps down Lightbringer…

The Lightbringer got slapped down by Medvedev today, after the letter being leaked about the proposed deal to stop building the missle defense network (leaving the Poles et al hung out to dry), if they would get Iran to back … Continue reading

Here comes the weather…

Severe thunderbumper watch till 0200… I’m shutting down so I don’t blow ANOTHER computer up… night all. Edit- Interesting how the deep red washed out in the jpeg, compared to the actual Doppler radar shot. Hmmm… … Continue reading

Rahm Emanuel to Disarm America:

THIS is now the guy that is Chief of Staff for the President. After you listen to this tell me the 2nd Amendment is not going to be under fire in the near future. … Continue reading