Another one for the YGTBSM file…

Ran across this one while trying to find info on Asperger’s…


Microaggression is the idea that specific interactions between those of different races, cultures, or genders can be interpreted as small acts of mostly non-physical aggression; the term was coined by Chester M. Pierce in 1970. 


Microagression usually involves demeaning implications and other subtle insults against minorities, and may be perpetrated against those due to gendersexual orientation, and ability status.

There is even a website for it… And from it you can see that ‘religion’ is also creeping into it, as long as it’s Islam, nothing about Christians being persecuted or “M-A’ed”

Interestingly, none of the studies I found had ANY links to any studies of white students, any people on the right of the political spectrum or Christians and the results of any of these aggressions against them…

It is all pointed at the so called minorities, so it looks like this is another way to call those of us in the WASP mainstream racists…

I’m truly beginning to wonder if we are going to be PC’ed out of existence by the left and the so called minorities…

It sounds to me like we are now promoting ‘victimhood’ as a valid way to claim you were prosecuted…

Where does this end, and people take responsibility for their own actions???


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  1. I shoot an 8mm Mauser with iron sights. Others tell me it is an ugly gun. It is a gun I shoot by choice. It puts 8mm holes in things where I want those holes. It serves me well. I am not a victim. Free money ain’t free.

  2. That is the left’s delusion, and a grievious and terrible war will ensue unless they wake up
    and embrace the right, for He who really knows has promised that He will never allow the wicked
    to destroy the pure in heart.
    Fret not nor be disayed by their ultimately futile snares, plot and schemes, but rather stay focused
    on honoring and upholding those righteous principles, values and virtues upon which this great nation
    was founded (against almost insurmountable odds) and prospered, that we may be welcomed
    back to our eternal home to dwell in joy and peace forevermore. my dearly beloved friends.

  3. If you should ask a “progressive person” – such as Barack Obama, all moral high ground belongs to a melange of liberal whites, latinos (to the extent that they vote Democrat) and negroes. It’s why AG Eric Holder openly holds his “all pigs are equal but some or more equal than others” opinion that the law should be set aside for expediency — when it comes to racial matters.

    To the extent that we enable Obama and friends, we encourage lawless behavior. They have responded by working hard to disarm private citizens, but it hasn’t worked well…Fast and Furious, people in Connecticut refusing to turn in their firearms, etc. There’s not all THAT much that can be done overtly while America is still armed.

    As you’ve pointed out. Barack has been the greatest firearms and ammunition salesman in American history as a significant portion of the country braces itself.

  4. Just one more instance of PC madness which will end with a goodly number of law-abiding people in jail or on the wrong side of the lawn.

    No one actually thinks anymore. Some because they don’t know how, others because thinking tends to reveal a very nasty dose of reality. Whether or not anyone or any group has been unfairly persecuted doesn’t matter; what matters is attaching one or more popular labels to the persecuted group, gathering recognition and support, then using this combination to get money from the government and the populace. Along the same lines you can also deprive the entire population of some small amount of their freedom in the name of your particular cause.

    White, aging males who drink, for instance, are unfairly persecuted by young, feminazi females who flaunt their tight, tattooed and pierced little bodies under the guise of free speech and then deny the aging males… well, anyway it’s starting to sound good.

  5. Micro-aggression? Isn’t that what happens when over 50% of black pregnancies in New York City are aborted? Now THAT is aggression!

  6. I think if you’re looking to be offended, you’ll always find someone to do the job. When did we become a bunch of big babies with persecution complexes and self-righteous dreck for beliefs? Political correctness has been taken to ridiculous extremes and created a society that walks on eggshells. Some of the conversations I’ve witnessed lately have made me seriously consider getting my forehead botoxed so that I can’t furrow my brow. Of course, that won’t solve the problem since I’ll still be able to roll my eyes.

  7. Coffeypot made me laugh…

    Being offended and screaming racism is a very lucrative form of employment for some folks these days. And it’s making me feel like being MACRO-aggressive.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    WSF is right on the money. The aggrieved minorities want white people marginalized into non existence so then the non-white people can dance and hold hands together and sing “kombaya”. This is payback for prior generations of “wrong doing” by their definition. It is a load of B.S. actually. The people that complain are leftist and they don’t believe in “individuals” They believe in group identity and group dynamics.

  9. Just as a FWIW – the overall supervisory person where I work is black – s/he has now winnowed the pool of the rest of us down to where there is ONE Hispanic, ONE Filipino, and ONE white {out of about 13} – ALL the rest are black. My immediate supervisor makes comments {meant jokingly} about “WPS” – never heard of it? “*W*hite *P*eople’s *S*tuff” [cruder variations of course are available}
    Semper Fi’