PP got grandson’s ‘schedule’ yesterday… It’s a ‘blended’ schedule for school. This is K-5th grade… The problem is, granddaughter is supposed to be going to her pre-K from 0900-1200… So, either grandson or granddaughter gets to miss ‘school’ two days … Continue reading


This one is probably going to lose me a few readers, but I really don’t care. I’m pissed at what I’ve seen over the last three days, and I need to get this off my chest. I gave this oath- … Continue reading

Another YGTBSM!!!

Thanks to Obummercare, and the latest hijacking of drug prices, this one has come back around… Still true 12 years later… Let’s  hear it for Costco!!  (This is just  mind-boggling!)  Make sure you read all the way  past the list … Continue reading


Go HERE to read the article from the Washington Times on DC’s ‘attempt’ at a CCW law… Sounds like they want nothing more than to be able to felony arrest anybody that ‘might’ somehow make it through their new CCW … Continue reading


I’ve kinda stayed away from the VA debacle until now, since I classify as partially disabled, but after hearing what I did last night, I’m pissed… (I have been waiting since Feb for scheduling of my appointment, which now appears … Continue reading

Is it just me???

Or is anybody else running into this… I’m calling it asshole week for lack of a better term… Seems like nothing I’ve done all week is ‘right’, and everybody I’ve dealt with has pretty much been either an ass or … Continue reading


This administration has totally lost the bubble… First, the decide to ‘downgrade’ the Army Apache helo program… Then they decide the reserves don’t need their Apache Helos, those need to be ‘only’ with the active force due to ‘limited’ availability. … Continue reading

Stupid is…

As stupid does… sigh… From a JHU/APL study WASHINGTON — Texting while walking accounts for more injuries per mile than distracted driving, according to a professor of emergency medicine who says he’s treating a skyrocketing number of pedestrian injury cases. … Continue reading

Another one for the YGTBSM file…

Ran across this one while trying to find info on Asperger’s… Micro-Aggression… Microaggression is the idea that specific interactions between those of different races, cultures, or genders can be interpreted as small acts of mostly non-physical aggression; the term was coined by Chester M. … Continue reading


Alert- Take your BP meds PRIOR to viewing… This Will Make Your Day!  She has 10 children from the same guy who gets arrested so she has no income and it is OUR responsibility to take care of her??? They … Continue reading