So I was, shall we say ‘bitching’ about how the week was going yesterday…

Yesterday afternoon I get a call from an old friend, down from Indiana. So we agree to meet for dinner.

At dinner we’re catching up and I ask why he didn’t come by the office.  His answer floored me…

He said, “F… it, I retired two months ago.”

My jaw hit the table at that.  Last year he’d been very proud of the fact he was promoted to a branch head, and a good chance to move further up the food chain this year. After I picked up my jaw, I asked him WTF?  Family or?

His comment, “Hostile work environment.”

Uhhh. Say whut?

He told me, “I told an individual to go do his job, and he filed a complaint against me for promoting a hostile work environment! HR told me I had to apologize and that I couldn’t supervise the individual anymore, even though he was on our ‘team’. I told HR it would be a cold day in hell, and I put my papers in the next day. That was three months ago.”

I just shook my head. This PC crap IS killing us, and not slowly either…

And did anybody else catch BO’s ‘response’ to the mid-terms today?

He was commenting on the election results and said (paraphrase) To everyone that voted I hear you, to the 2/3 that did not participate I also hear you.

Soooo… In his extended remarks he implied that the 2/3 that did not vote were essentially supporting his existing policies so he need not reconsider anything new nor take any credit for the trouncing.

However just prior to the election on Meet the Press he stated that elections mean things and every vote counts.  But the context of that thought was associated with saying if the voters reject the Republican takeover of the Senate then it meant for Republicans to sit down and shut up and for him to press on.

So using his logic, no matter what the vote it supports his conviction to change nothing because that is what the people are telling him by voting or not voting.

Or am I just totally screwed up???




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  1. It isn’t you.
    “I’m not going to read the Tea leaves”.
    Tea party reference? 🙂
    Who needs tea leaves after a slap in the face?

  2. BO is a narcissist at disorder level. And he isn’t in this to serve. He’s in it to rule.

  3. Good for your friend… he did the “right thing”. Since when is it “hostile” to tell someone to do their job? Oh, silly me.
    The Clown-in-chief is in denial.

  4. He should have said “to my political base that didn’t turn out, I hear you”.

    When your own party either doesn’t turn out or votes for the other guy, you really need to re-examine your priorities. I do hope the stuff he said about actually working with the leadership to get things accomplished is true. (Note I said HOPE.)

    If he goes rogue, I don’t see the Legislative branch putting up with that. We might actually see the first President removed from office. (Nixon resigned before he could be removed.)

  5. He’s never been held accountable for anything he’s said or done. In his mind he’s above the law, politics, and everything else. He’s not going to change now.

  6. No, you are correct.
    PC will kill this nation!

    Your friend did the right thing. Good he actually could retire at this stage in his life.

    I still cannot decide if B.O. is a buffoon, or a Marxian genius, or some amalgam of both + revolutionary advisors.
    In any case, he is dangerous to the United States.
    (If this doesn’t get me on the short list for the box cars, I don’t know what will!)


  7. No, you are not screwed up. I totally agree with you. B.O. (body odor?) is just one skewed up president. And yes, I meant skew, askew, or any version of crookedness. To your friend…I would have done the exact same thing. Stuff like that makes me mad.

  8. A few years ago, a 4th grader at my son’s school dropped the F-Bomb in gym class, and the gym teacher reprimanded the kid. The next day, a woman who identified herself as the boy’s “biological” mother showed up and was very upset because even though her boy did wrong, the gym teacher “disrespected” him by reprimanding him. I should add that this teacher was the nicest guy in the world – the kids adored him.

    It gets better. The principal sided with the “biological” mother and told the gym teacher if he wanted to remain on staff the following year that he would have to enroll in anger management classes. He found employment elsewhere. Can’t say that I blame him.

  9. I am intensely grateful that I no longer have employees working for me. All the tasks around here are done by contractors/vendors who have to be nice to me, or I can cancel their contracts. (insert evil grin)

    No, you’re not screwed up … but the system sure is.

  10. He did say, in effect, that it didn’t matter what the Republican side sent to him, he would Veto it. A, “I will work with both sides of the isle if they do exactly what I say” attitude. Someone needs to take all the pens out of the White House.

  11. We had another officers and commanders specific sexual harassment briefing the other day.
    The girl who runs the Civil Affairs shop and I decided that we’d been harassing each other for the last four months…and loved it.

    Most of my time as the H&HC CO doesn’t involve planning to help the line companies more efficiently kill Russians, err Terrorists, but making sure mandated PC training gets done.

  12. “Political correctness is tyranny with manners.”
    ― Charlton Heston
    With all due respect to Mr Heston political correctness is tyranny without manners.
    Little Barry is a narsicisstic egomaniac that will try to keep doing what he normally does doing it his way.

  13. ProudHillbilly is correct. Every time our Commander-in-Chief (I still shudder every time I say or think that) opens his mouth, he adds evidence to my belief he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    Even before he revealed in his press conference the he is a “non-voter whisperer”, his spin doctors were on the talk shows, saying the only take away from the election results was that “his base” just failed to go to the polls to vote for him. He and his administration will never change.

    • And have you noticed that when businesses get downsized, nobody from HR is let go?

  14. Randy- Thanks!

    SPE- Yep, seeing MORE and more of that… And they will come beat on you if you haven’t taken it. But security stuff? Meh…

    Rick- Excellent point!

    Jenn- Probably…

    GR6- You and PH are both correct!

    Dammit- Actually… NO!

    WN- Yeah, interesting isn’t it…

  15. Once HR learned I had a better grasp of both law and the legal system (thank you FLETC) than they did … well, discretion became their watchword.

  16. You want Hostile, have them come work for me. They don’t know what hostile is. But they will…… Bwaaahhaaa. 😉

  17. Circular logic always gets you the results you want! And Political Correctness is Progressive Sharia – it’s tyranny with a noose or bullet at the end.

  18. This sort of thing happens to me about once every three years. No matter what I do. It is the primary reason I shut down my blog last month.

  19. Sounds like Nixon’s “Silent Majority” speech to me. Now that I think of it, a lot of what BO does reminds me of Nixon.