Apparently the meltdown(s) continue!!!

h/t Stretch

And the women’s march included women dressed as vaginas? Really??? Soros funding was apparently connected to well over half of the ‘organizers’. What were they really protesting? Did anybody ever figure that out? And they trashed the place (just like the lefties always do)…

The ‘change’ this year was apparently that the cops weren’t putting up with anything from anybody, they also had enough officers to respond and apparently ‘trap’ the rioters before they could get away. Numerous arrests for rioting, going to be processed and charged at the FEDERAL level! 🙂

Seems a woman and her hubby were kicked off an airplane after she harassed a man about being a Trump supporter too! Maybe the ‘new sheriff’ is giving people the cojones to stand up and do the right thing all of a sudden! 🙂

The first press conference didn’t go according to ‘tradition’ either, causing a mini-meltdown by the press, HERE.

In the screwier stories off the day, there is this one from Florida!

What Judas snakes, snake-sniffing dogs and even hunters from around the globe have struggled to accomplish may finally be pulled off by a pair of singing snake catchers from India: solving the riddle for finding Burmese pythons in Florida’s Everglades.

Apparently the folks down in the ‘Glades are willing to try just about anything to get the snakes under control!!! From the Miami Herald, HERE.
I’m about ready to go back in the woods for a while… Sigh…


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  1. Snake hunters? Send ’em all to washington, they’ll find
    the largest den of snakes, thieves, liars and con men as has ever been assembled in the free world!

  2. I know. When you look at the news, you just want to get back into your truck and go deer hunting again.

  3. You should have come here over the week-end. We could have sat on a balcony overlooking the Womyn’s march and demanded that they bring us sammiches then get back to the kitchen.

    I know why they were so angry though. Out of the thousands who were there, there were only two really good-looking ones and they were kissing each other.

    • Along that most of them for the first time in 8 loooong years got off their asses and actually went out side to get some exercise. Something oshitforbrains had not done in 8 years.
      Mr. Trump is actually making America healthier and better again.
      What a guy.

  4. I understand the need to go back to the woods. I’m frequently on the edge of doing so, here. But we’re greatly encouraged by the seemingly sudden turnaround on the part of the authoritehs, who are clearly emboldened by the change of power in the White House. The Great & Mighty O would have hung us all out to dry … what am I saying? He did.

  5. Roger- GOOD point!

    LL- Yep… sigh

    Murph- I do need to get down there, I’m sure the idjits will still be there!

    Cedar- I’m betting there will be an ‘enclave’ of them in the next year or so! 🙂

    Rev- Agreed!

  6. Considering the external funding that goes into paying for their professional protestors’ activities, I see an opportunity for mischief.

    Step 1: Find a place where advertising for paid protests is common.

    Step 2: Post some authentic drivel under a nom de guerre about fighting the man and standing up against fascism, etc and announce a protest, paid at $X amount, bus transportation to protest provided (three hours away).

    Step 3: Announce protest to local media in target area.

    Step 4: On the day, hire bus to collect protestors, pay the protestors in cash en route (this is important for later), then drop them off half a mile away from protest location, hand them their signs, and lead them to the protest location in front of a police precinct in the shadiest part of the hood.

    Step 5: As local media turns on the lights and rolls cameras, whip the crowd into the expected frenzy about fascism and blah blah blah. Announce that you are going into the precinct alone to present your demands.

    Step 6: Demand in the politest terms that the cops let you out the back door, where your ride home is waiting.

    Step 4a: Bus leaves as the last of the protestors gets out of sight and goes back to the barn. (oops, this step is out of order)

    Step 3a: Announce to conservative media that local media will be arriving to cover a ‘protest’, which will last as long as their lights are on, as usual… (oh, this step is out of order, too)

    Step 7: Repeat until nobody will trust hired bus transportation to lefty protests.

  7. Didn’t I say you hadn’t missed anything by being off the grid over the weekend? Or nothing that wouldn’t have raised your BP??

    As for the twits that marched all over the country, the best line I saw was the point that Donald got them off the couch in his first 24 hours and out for some exercise, which was more than Michelle had been able to do in 8 years. Looking at numerous sources, this is the first exercise many of them have done for quite a long time. And, no, my BMI is not within the normal range, so I can call them fat. My bottom line is I’m just gong to ignore them, that way they will get tired of throwing tantrums when there is no attention paid to them.

    And, yes, that python story is very neat. Hope they can get a bunch of those snakes…One question I have though…It said the hunters go out every day…didn’t the other folks who were trying to get rid of them? If not, yup, put a bounty on the snakes, and turn loose any folks or teenagers or unemployed types looking to increase their take home pay…make it tax free. Might be as easy as Uber if they normally just stroll down the road…get out in nature, reduce stress, get to shoot stuff, help the environment, get some easy exercise, make some $$. Sounds like a win-win to me 🙂

    I’m gong back to my couch…

  8. Suz- There is a BIG difference, these guys actually KNOW what they are looking for! And apparently charge off into the brush on a regular basis! Glad I wasn’t here, I’d have thrown things at the TV!!!