That’s five hours I’ll never get back…

I spent the morning watching the March for Our Lives gun control rally coverage on various networks. CNN and MSNBC were fawning, to put it mildly. Fox was at least balanced. The WAPO was all about the march, again fawning over the ‘poor children’. This was an interesting statement in the article in the Washington Times-

Before the speeches began, people bundled up against the cold, sipping coffee and dusting off sugar from powdered donuts donated by DC Vote. Several toddlers were seen running through the park holding the nonprofit’s statehood protest signs. The city’s Board of Elections also set up a table to register voters, including 16-year-olds who will be eligible to vote in the 2020 election. Organizers set up a giant homemade clock with the city names of mass shootings instead of numbers, and an AR-15 instead of a hand. 

Full article, HERE.

My takeaways-

Anti-gun, anti-NRA, anti-Republican. No mention of the Broward County Sheriff’s failures, the FBI’s failure, the failure to have the shooter committed… Nope, ALL anti-gun, all the time… They want ‘comprehensive gun legislation’ (not specified), a nationwide ban on AR rifles, erroneously calling them assault rifles. They also want to ban ‘high capacity’ magazines, whatever that is…

Those kids had some professional speech writers, and they must have rehearsed a LOT!!! And it’s becoming easier to see the puppet strings being pulled… And, IMHO, the kids are now pawns in a bigger game.

They brought people out of the woodwork from previous shootings, even from 9/11 to get up and spout their ‘agenda’.

$3.5 million ‘committed’ by various ‘organizations’ to ‘help’ with the marches, e.g. the puppet masters…

The anti-gunners have stolen a march on us with this one, astroturfing the hell out of the gun lobby. And congress approved the Fix-NICS act as part of the omnibus bull, er bill.

AND they want people to register to vote, since they want the power to make those decisions others ‘won’t make’- Like banning guns and shutting down the NRA. The underlying message, at least to me, was vote democrat and vote often. At school, at home, etc.

Sadly, there was no discussion, at least that I heard, of the mental health issues, hardening the schools, etc. The teachers interviewed were ALL against arming teachers, saying it wasn’t their jobs. No counter interviews were on any network.

And these folks aren’t even being covered by the MSM…

So much for a real ‘discussion’ of the issues… Sigh…


That’s five hours I’ll never get back… — 19 Comments

  1. The children make useful pawns in the agendas of people who don’t have American hearts. Obama, for example, did not have an American heart. Neither do the people who use children to front for their agendas, which have been rejected out of hand for decades. Now they have a snout under the tent and want to exploit that for all that it’s worth. I think that it will die out much the way the occupy movement did and many other similar movements have because their agendas are not legitimate – and eventually that sinks in.

    The next push may be anti-nuclear, or back to the war on the weather, or black lives, or who knows what. It’s important to note as I have back when, that it’s always the SAME PEOPLE behind this stuff, funding it. They funded the anti-Trump rallies, they funded the pink hat women’s marches and they won in a way, because they absolutely control most narratives in most universities (not all, but many). Thus they have the means to indoctrinate the vulnerable and confused.

    Follow the money. (Not the same people, but look who funded FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe with a $700K “insurance” bribe, handed to his wife, while he was in charge of the Clinton e-mail investigation)

  2. Sigh. I feel sorry for our future generations. I was asked about a year ago by a (very liberal) individual how we wound up with Trump in office and at the time, didn’t have a quick answer. But after some introspection, have a partial answer: The folks that didn’t participate in Korea, Viet Nam, and Iraq have been the ones tending the “home fires”. The hippies and protester generation have become our teachers and community/governmental leaders, have taken over the teaching role, driving out any conservative perspective, and imposing their beliefs and skills on the newer generations. The conservatives (and gun owners) are reacting to the changes, hence you have Trump and the like.
    I don’t like to be a “Debbie Downer”, but I’m not sure that our reactions and counter-protests will amount to much. Liberalism and the FSA (Free Stuff Army) have become very entrenched and are loath to give up.
    I hate to see the dream called the United States of America devolve, but am glad that I’m at least “over the hump” generationally. I have, and will continue to contribute to the causes that I agree with, and will continue to push for change to bring the USA back to a more conservative viewpoint.

  3. I doubt even a crowd of thousands could manage to take the guns from those unwilling to part with what is guaranteed as a right by the Constitution. What will they use to perform this task? Sharpened sticks? Biting rhetoric?

    Stupidity has found a comfortable niche in the United States, and enough Bozos to fill stadiums.

  4. I marched when I was a teenager.
    A lot of us did. We were wearing green and in formation.
    And we had guns.
    Lots of guns.
    And flying guns.
    These little babies? Eh.

  5. THe kids were astroturfed and their “we want to be safe” was translated as that of a petulant kid stomping their feet.
    They was safety at the expense of other people rights.

    This is going to be interesting…

  6. I shot a qualifier in the rain, did poorly, had to clean two pistols and still spent my time better than you sir.

  7. So JL did you expect anything different than what you saw. Never even passed by the TV. I have sworn off syndicated news as they are all the same.

    Now if someone could have guaranteed the spontaneous combustion of the inflated heads of these egotistical self-esteem filled bags of hot air I would have tuned in.

    Back to our previous post about having a “conversation about guns”, not only no but hell no.

  8. LL- Good point, it’s ALWAYS the money… sigh

    WN- Yep, while ‘we’ were out defending our freedom, they were undermining everything we were doing…

    Jess- They will be aggressive, as long ‘other’ people have to carry out their wishes. Not so much if they have to put their butts on the line!

    Ed- Agreed!

    Eck- OH hell yes!

    Gerry- Envy!!!

    Houston- So, your BP is MUCH better than mine! 😀

    WSF- The kids???

  9. The other one thing you did not see covered, I am sure, was the fact that within 2 weeks of the Florida school shooting there was a shooting in Maryland. The difference in numbers shot was the fact that there was a good guy with a gun on the scene within 60 seconds of the beginning of the incident in Maryland (of all places) who took care of business and shot the kid with the gun.

    I was working, so I didn’t watch any of the demonstrations, just clips on the news after, however I am sure that no one talked about Maryland because it doesn’t “fit the narrative” which to my mind is just another phrase for propaganda.

    The definition of propaganda is: 1.information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

    Fits like a glove, doesn’t it?

    This will continue until the next new/big thing comes along to blast it out of the headlines. The important thing for us to remember is all these virtue signaling companies actions after the hubbub has died down. And, I would like to see what happens in Broward county at the next election for Sheriff…that could be interesting.

    • I live and work only a couple of miles from the scene of the Maryland shooting, and am an active member of the Rescue Squad that worked the emergency.
      1. We had an Active Shooter Drill less than two years ago with agencies from USGOV on down, including police, fire, and EMS.
      2. The shooter had a specific target – his ex-girlfriend. One shot to the back of her head. My wife and I know the family, it was a real loss to them.
      3. Once he engaged his ex-girlfriend, it’d be a guess as to his next move. I haven’t heard anything about how much ammo or weapons he was carrying.
      4. The Safety Officer was willing and did engage the shooter.
      5. It was early in the school day, I’d guess that not everyone was in the building but that’s a guess.
      6. Our sheriff and local P.O. don’t put up with the PC stuff here. The main employer here is NAS Patuxent River, lots of military and ex-military folks.
      7. Our situation was not a mass-shooting, good guy with a gun took care of the problem (as appropriate). There’s community outreach but for the families involved, not so much as the national B.S.

  10. The same people who were panicking about the government coming to “round them up and put them in camps” or kill them, and who were wailing about the Three-day waiting period and background checks, are now demanding that same government restrict people’s right to gun ownership and self-defense.

    And people think MY mind’s wired a little weird?

    Which reminds me, I have some older ammo I need to use up before it gets stale. 😉

  11. I left my tv turned off this AM as I could not stand to listen to all the bullshit from all the, “know it all” ass wipes! Instead, I went down to the greenhouse and planted a few dozen Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Brussel Sprout plants!

    Mama-San just finished Twilight last night and said for me to tell you to get on the stick for the next sequel! She really loved all of them, mostly ’cause she is a Texican from the D/FW area!

    And I am waiting for the episode to follow, “Into the Green”! Absolutely loved it

  12. Suz/WN- Of course it’s not going to be covered…

    TXRed- Exactly!!!

    Ev- You were smarter than I was… Thanks for the good words!

  13. Hey Old NFO;

    I spent the time with the family and doing things around the house. I considered going to the range but figured accurately that the range would be full with people wanting to shoot rather than be bombarded with crap from the one eyed monster.

  14. Like most things, you need to follow the money. Somebody prepped those kids, made professional signs, got permits and provided transportation (including the Patriots company jet).

    And no mention of the need for protection with the Dems providing sanctuary cities.