Kabuki theater… again…

Welp, the dems running the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold the AG in contempt yesterday for following the law!

I’ve been curious how far they would go, especially since not a single democrat is recorded as actually going to the SCIF and reviewing the less redacted Mueller report. Frankly I was amazed at the rhetoric I heard spouted yesterday, both against the AG and the president, along with the Chairman, Nadler saying there is now a constitutional crisis… Really? How about you’re throwing a hissy fit because you didn’t get your way?

The House Judiciary Committee voted on Wednesday to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for failing to turn over special counsel Robert Mueller’s unredacted report — the most significant escalation yet in the ongoing oversight battle between Democrats and the Trump administration.

Full article, HERE.

Courtesy of Rev Paul, these words would be something that the dems should think about deeply…

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.
If there IS a constitutional crisis, it’s because the dems are doing their damnest to overturn, yet again, the 2016 election, and in the process destroy this country because they don’t want to actually obey the laws they were sworn to uphold…


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  1. Its Kabuki alright … how many people are going to change their mind from what they are feeling right now ? Zero – nada – zilch. Mueller spent two years and plenty of taxpayer resources compiling the report and the Democritters are going to investigate this themselves to determine Trump’s guilt ? Congressman couldn’t close an umbrella, let alone find evidence.

  2. I tried to watch the live coverage. I didn’t last more than 5 minutes. I can’t afford to have my blood pressure to shoot through the roof.

    What really pisses me off is how the dems keep referring to “This is what the American people want!”. No, the American people want you to quit wasting our time and our money and get back to work. Stop using us as your scapegoat to cover your partisan politics.

    • > “This is what the American people want!”

      It’s what the only American people who matter – them – want. Not those douchebag voters or deplorables. Why can’t they just shut up and be grateful to their betters, anyway?

      On the other hand, I haven’t seen a good explanation of why *not* to put the entire, unredacted report on loc.gov for everyone to see. And the way the Fed leaks now, it’s *going* to come out… or fake ones will begin to circulate, that can’t be refuted because nobody trusts the people who have access to the real one.

      Anyone who testified *should* have had their lawyer present, and their own video or stenographer. It would be interesting to see if the official records agree with the private ones. The FBI, among others, has been caught out on that too many times to ignore the possibility. And “truth” is only a vague concept to most of the compilers of the Report…

      • Exactly. The only American People that exist for them are themselves and their co-equals. The rest of us are just taxpayers to be harvested for our money and property.

        I have not ever read or seen such an obvious split between the elite and the no-bodies in this country ever. The insanity being pushed by these things that consider themselves ‘better’ than us is, well, crazy.

        Hopefully some semblance of sanity will return before the shooting starts.

      • It’s illegal. Only people in certain positions are allowed to see grand jury info.

  3. The way it shakes down to ground level — I had to tell a friend of mine the other day that, though I thought they might do a good job at in a local political office, I couldn’t support them because they supported, by affiliation, the Democratic Party. They seemed puzzled — why?

  4. These preening peacocks, who is looking after their districts? The people they are elected to represent. Oh,they have staff to handle the scut work.

  5. Contempt? What about the CONTEMPT regular hard working law abiding citizens have for the Congress, the Senate and Fed Gov in general. Pitchforks, tar and feathers should be the answer when any of these fools show up back in their districts.

    • “contempt” – only because I can’t think of a stronger word.

  6. jrg- I ‘think’ part of it is that they are afraid of what Barr is digging into…

    Ray- I DID have to use duct tape and took an extra BP med… sigh

    Ian- I can believe that.

    WSF- They don’t give a shit about their districts… ONLY during election time

    Houston- Amen!!!

  7. The dems are trying to get Barr to break the law and release the full report. Then they’ll try to impeach if he does.

  8. From my understanding, he did release the report, conveniently located in the SCIF room as per Federal law.

    • True – and yet NOT a single one of them could be ‘bothered’ to spend a few hours reading it 🙁

  9. The STORM is approaching. We are now on the leading edge and it comes not for thee but for them. If you think nothing has been happening in the backround, you are sadly mistaken.

    Declass will bring down the House. Sessions wasn’t ever asleep at the wheel. He was taking out corrupt AAG’s in the network some other researchers have found.

    Recall Huber, the Assist AG out of Utah, where the NSA has its Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs super computer facility. NSA, a military run spy agency, has it all in those super computers. ALL OF IT. He and Horowhitz have been very busy.

    Here is an introduction to the PACER System run by .Gov. It tracks ALL Federally sealed court actions (indictments).

    Up until after DJT’s election starting in Nov 2017, PACER averaged about 1000 or so sealed cases per year for several years previous. Take a gander at it now.


    Here is a graph charting just the April 2019 filings.


    A lot of people ask “why no arrests?”. You’ve got to clean out a bunch of corrupt agencies, people and judges or the big fish will walk. NO one gets a pass on this. No one.

    DJT has said in the past that he gets even when anyone screws him over and does so in spades.

    All of these DC Dems (and some Rethugs) are terrified of what the know is coming and Barr is the Hammer of Justice. They are trying to besmirch his reputation so they can all say the charges against them are nothing but political retaliation. Want to know why 23 Dems are running for Prez?
    Campaign contributions for there war chests but also so they can claim political retaliation. You just watch when the Hammer comes down.

    Justice, IT.IS.COMING. Have faith and trust the plan. This thing is so big, it would take a couple of books to describe it all. From Satanic Worship, child sacrifices and pedophilia to kidnappings to treason by many in the .gov

    Beleve, or do not. That is all

  10. All- Thanks for the comments. Can’t really disagree with anyone!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  11. Dear Congress,
    Have your staff read the definition of “tumbrel” to you.
    Then watch A Tale Of Two Cities.
    Your welcome.

    Disrespectfully Yours,

    • The Constitution says whatever a Democrat says it says. The squiggles on ancient parchment are meaningless to them.

  12. I actually looked up the statute Barr is following. Neither Congress nor attorneys for Congress are among those allowed to see grand jury info. Dems can pound sand.