Now what, Coach???

Interesting article…

So what are law-abiding citizens to do when caught in the mob’s crosshairs — or our homes and businesses are looted and destroyed by protesters who are also rioters? And what can we do to defend ourselves, our families, neighborhoods and the nation we love? 

Full article, HERE from the Washington Times.

IANAL, and I don’t play one on TV, but… There is this…

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

In Texas, we have the Castle Doctrine, HERE.

We also have Protection of Persons, HERE, and subsection Sec. 9.32 covers this- DEADLY FORCE IN DEFENSE OF PERSON.

I’m sure you can find links to your state’s laws/regulations/rules. This might be a good time to start looking them up… Just sayin…


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  1. I am amazed when I read of states which laws demand the property owner must flee before they are allowed to defend themselves. In your own home even – what ?

    I believe the person who tells me that choosing to defend my property over the perpetrator’s is THEIR fault, not mine. The perpetrator chose to take my property because it is worth more than their life. Their choice, not mine.

  2. We’re moving beyond the written laws; anarcho-tyranny includes equal-out-come-based *selective* enforcement of laws, depending on who *you* are. (I saw that living in Japan in the early 90s and NEVER thought we’d import it.)
    But today:
    Threaten your fellow students? You get a ‘restorative justice’ get out of jail card if you have some of the right DNA.
    Smash a Starbucks for BLM? “Mostly peaceful protest.”
    Defend your home against ‘protected classes?’ Go to JAIL.

  3. There is a tipping point coming, and once crossed the violence will be epic. Both sides will participate, only one side will win.

    The street hoodlums have no idea just how intense it will get; the nighttime crowd in the street will be dealt with but it will not stop there. When the sun comes up they will be hunted and the hunt will not end. Ever. Think Sarajevo in the ’90s, but coast-to-coast.

    Cops who get in the way will suffer as well; they’ve decided to stand down now which means they’ve taken sides. We won’t forget that.

    There’s a good chance all this will destroy the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic, which is what the Left is hoping for; it won’t, but there will be severe damage.

    We will recover. It won’t be even slightly pretty or enjoyable, it will change us forever, but we will recover. This is not “disagreement,” it’s a fight to the death.

  4. No its what the right has made, after all they are in charge,
    not the left. They are the 2/3rd majority in government. If
    the Constitution were in effect a lot of stuff we see would
    not be happening. It isn’t, there is no rule of law. Enforcement is a power and money game, those that have none will be imprisoned, the monied will not even get a look.

    If we hit the tipping point and it will be horrific as
    everyone seen as potential threat will be dispensed with.
    Driving down the round at night will be an unprofitable adventure for those out there. During the day it will
    be unsafe at the least. Think Sarajevo, ethnic cleansing
    and all its mis-features.

    AS to cops taking sides, no. They opted for going home
    alive which is not sideism but more like trying to stay
    out of it. The optics are wrong but they are not army
    or paid to die. They are frustrated as criminal they
    caught are released because covid. If you rich you get
    to stay on a yacht. The rest of us will rot in a holding

    War for some will be a game of privilege, others required
    to play, and a few will sit it out in comfort waiting to
    pick up the pieces for pennies on the pound.


  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Georgia has the same thing, but you have to keep in mind the Blue enclaves inside the Red States, the DA has broad prosecutororial discretion and if you have one of those Soros loving pinko BLM hugging DA, you will have a problem, even in a Red state. It ain’t gonna be pretty once it starts to kick off. I live in a blue county in a red state and I have concerns, Anybody that has read my blog the past couple months knows why I haven’t moved yet and what has transpired in my county. I also hear that rioting has started in Atlanta….Anybody who says that this stuff ain’t organized aint paying attention.This is gonna get stupid again.

  6. I read, on another blog, that one commentor said basically that threats aren’t enough for a forcible response. My response was that it depends on the circumstances.

    Many states treat deadly or violent threats or uttering terroristic threats (I’m going to followy your wife home and rape her!!!) if backed by actions to be reasonable enough for the victim to respond back physically, up to and including any full use of said victim’s 2nd Amendment rights.

    Other states have Rules of Engagement much like the past administration made our military work under, where you can only defend yourself to the point of stopping the attack only when retreating and any other method of de-escalation has been tried.

    Me? I’m so glad I live in Florida, if you know what I mean…

  7. We live in a most difficult time and things will get worse, these social justice idiots are mutant-minded, poorly-raised, people with mental problems and they have a criminal need to act out their issues. These are not normal people who live normal lives and I doubt if they will ever wake up one day and decide to live a nice clean, normal life as a responsible American citizen and they are not going to go away. Having said that I will do my best to never interact with any of these deranged marginal humans, if I even suspect they are going to be present blocking roads or highways I will do my best to go a different way, if they ever wanted to come to my street where I live off of an out of the way street in a small town we are really in trouble, if I am ever cornered in my car or at my home and know that my wife’s and my life is in danger than I will probably be on the news and I pray that will never happen.

    I have known two people here in Texas who had to use their firearm to stop a threat, both were charged and with good legal work both never went to trial and good legal work is never cheap. Having said that, I think we will be living the rest of our lives with deranged social justice people, there is no cure for that and I think we need to be aware of our resources and options for defense, in my mid 70’s I am too old and tired to run, not strong enough for hand to hand and I am a decent shot who completes in Steel Challenge matches so I know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of. That’s all.

    • Old “good legal work is never cheap” = all too true. That is why anyone that might have to use deadly force should have a legal defense or ‘insurance’ program in place. There are several available at fairly low cost, won’t say which I have but (that would likely be ‘advertising’) I am covered should circumstances ever arise that require such coverage.

  8. All- Thanks, and I’m truly sorry it is coming to this. Greg’s post is a good one, and one that everyone should read!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. The day after the Presidential election will see big changes, IMO. When President Trump wins four more years, the gloves will come off because he won’t be “playing politics”. The Democrat Party will fall apart worse than the 1972 McGovern loss. The anarchists will soon find they don’t have protection. Assuming a landslide victory, the stage will be set for the 2022 elections turning back the “blue tide” IMO.

    We face several months of personal Condition Red. Stay prepared!

    • WSF – best commentary I’ve seen so far is ‘1) if DJT gets reelected, the dems will destroy the country; 2) if biden wins the dems will destroy the country’.
      Seems like many of us lose either way…………….

  10. Missouri has the Castle Doctrine. Additionally, we are allowed to use deadly force to prevent commission of a felony.

    I believe arson is a felony in most if not all states.

    Additionally, I’ve got a tractor and backhoe.

  11. Is there a “Don’t make the old lady feel threatened law?”

  12. “No its what the right has made, after all they are in charge,
    not the left. They are the 2/3rd majority in government.”

    Wait, what? You seem confused on how government works and at what level in this country.