One to remember for Christmas…

For those that HATE the Elf on the Shelf BS…

And scare the hell out of the kids as an added benefit, if so desired… LOL

And gotta love this Pub commercial out of Texas. NOT your daddy’s GOP!!!

Crenshaw is definitely taking advertising to the next level for this team!


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  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Makes me want to move to Texas, LOL Well I want to move there anyway but that will be a bit, perhaps when I retire from the Aviation gig. Dang good commercial though.

  2. I feel the need to send some Black Rifle Coffee to them, for some reason.
    And I ALMOST sent that pic to my daughter and daughter in law who do the elf; decided not to. It’s a Papa thing, either way I went, but my girls are so SWEET, plus they have firearms in case they are offended. So, not sending.

  3. I too, am tired of the EotS stuff. Don’t know how it got started, but will be glad when it fades away back into obscurity.

    Though Crenshaw’s been squishy on the 2A at the beginning of his career, specifically Red Flag Laws and meeting with Moms Demand, he seems to have settled down. Hope Texas pulls it’s collective stuff together and goes back to being more conservative and fights the Dem-City blues that’s causing so much trouble.

  4. Dang. Almost makes me wish I lived where I could vote for Crenshaw. We have some good folks in Juneau, but not as many as there were 20 years ago.

  5. They all had my vote before that came out but had I been on the fence that might have pushed me over. I’m not easy but I can be had… 😉

  6. I had the good fortune to be born in Texas.
    I had the ill fortune that it happened to be in Austin.
    Perhaps it is a Good Sign that the structure in which I was born was razed not long after my departure.

  7. Austin doesn’t need to be nuked. The ground does need to be sown with salt, however.

    This is the best political ad I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been voting since the ’70s.

  8. Interesting, very much so. Here, in Australia, by comparison, the two political parties that own and run Australia, my country, are monumentally ignorant of the real world, have been since 1901. There is NO way whatsoever that ANY Australian Political party would do what is presented here, simply because none of them, and their ‘advisors’ are simply, bog ignorant, stupid, mired in the 1940’s pin-striped Male and Female suits and mentality of back then. They are all still in the 1940-early1950’s. There is NO sophistication, modernity, knowledge, ability, expertise, and sadly, the intelligence, that is essential that functional leadership and progress Australia needs. Sadly, Australia, is currently, a backwater little country, insignificant as a participatory Nation on the world stage, again, sadly, because of what our Politicians have done to us since 1945. I’m 70, Army and RAAF, 1967-2001. I am deflated, let down, lost hope. I despair for my Grandkids, theirs is a future rotten life, a world of conflict,in every shape and form. Primarily, the Leaders and the powerful of this Planet are their enemies, in every way, their enslavors.

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