Our friend Alma Boykin has a new novel out and it’s… Steampunk!!! Click the cover to go to the Amazon page to get it! The blurb- Antalia — Where queens and Huntresses rule. Antalia — Where magic is anathema and … Continue reading

Boosting the signal…

My friend Peter, over at Bayou Renaissance Man is up for a literary award! Quoting him here- I was happily surprised to find that my first Western novel, ‘Brings The Lightning‘, has been nominated for the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance‘s Book … Continue reading


Just a quickie hit on Life, The Universe and Everything (LTUE) Conference I attended in Provo, UT last week… Ranging from Academics, through Art, Publishing and Professional Development, Gaming to Writing, and Well-Being. With over 200 different panels and activities … Continue reading

Boosting the signal…

Jon Del Arroz managed to get himself crossways with both his publisher and a couple of Cons that he’d been participating in for the last 4-5 years… He just published his first novel a tie in to the Star Realms … Continue reading

A new writer…

Dorothy (Wing and a Whim) has joined the ranks of published author with her first novella, Scaling The Rim… It’s an interesting cross between science fiction, romance and interspecies dynamics… Click on the cover to order! Here’s the blurb- Never … Continue reading

Tink… Tink…

Is this thing working??? I wanted to take the time to put a plug in for my friend Tom Rogneby, AKA DaddyBear. Tom is one of the good guys, I know him in real life, not just through the net. … Continue reading

Are we approaching a showdown???

A few posts you probably have already read, but bear with me… We’re now going on almost 2 months since the election. First BZ’s post, The insanity of the racist DNC chair candidates… LL’s post, Identity politics: Who is the … Continue reading

Book pimping!!!

DaddyBear has just published his third book in his ‘Minivandians’ series, and second of three stories in the backstory arc of his main protagonist! It’s called ‘Lost Children‘, I can tell you this is another winner, I was happy to alpha … Continue reading


No, not THAT kind… Military/government intel… Back in the day, we operated on the excursion, trend and pattern scenarios with respect to intelligence. By that I mean the first ‘change’ in pattern was known as an excursion. Was this due … Continue reading

Boosting the signal!!!

Two good friends have books out today on Amazon! First is Peter Grant, with the 5th Maxwell book, Stoke the Flames Higher. The blurb- Two planets, torn apart by the same fanatics – and Lancastrian forces are caught in the … Continue reading