I do like to cook on occasion, and I’m not above freely stealing recipes other bloggers have posted, like Brigid back in the day, Miguel, and others… Miguel posted a recipe for a Tortilla Española. I had all the stuff, and … Continue reading

Building on success…

After hitting a high of 82 in ALL of Amazon book sales with The Lawdog Files, and being number one in multiple categories, Lawdog is moving the release of the Africa stories up (well, his publisher is), which is leading … Continue reading

Lawdog’s book!!!

The horse is already out of the barn, and has been since Friday, and the book is already showing up as a bestseller, but here we go anyway… Is out!!! Lawdog has finally been coerced into the author world! Click … Continue reading

If you’re bored…

And live in the North Texas area… Come visit myself, Peter and Dorothy Grant, Alma TC Boykin and Lawdog at AMA-Con 5-6 August at the Amarillo Convention Center. We’ll have books to sell, or will be happy to sign books … Continue reading


A nice little video of AMRG, better known as the ‘Boneyard’… Sadly, there are WAY too many P-3s in there now… I saw a couple of familiar tails among the birds. I figure this is a better post than yet … Continue reading

Boosting the signal!!!

Marty has a new book out!!! Click the cover to go to the Amazon link! The blurb- Elizabeth Cruze came to Earth for one reason: to buy weapons. She never counted on ending up in prison. Never fear, though, she’s … Continue reading

Well, THAT was interesting…

Due to ‘unforseen’ circumstances, myself, Tom Rogneby, and John Van Stry ended up having to do a panel to fill in for Peter and Dorothy, when they got called away to an author’s dinner… We did what I’ll charitably call … Continue reading

Calexit Novella is up!!!

First, I owe a BIG debt of thanks to both Steph and Tina for the quick turns on the editing and the cover. Both ladies did a superb job, as usual. Although both of them said, “You want it WHEN???” … Continue reading


Apparently somebody nominated my little blog for the 2017 Paul Revere award. The number of small conservative blogs nominated since the inaugural award presentation in 2013 has tripled.  We here at Political Clown Parade are indebted to everyone who took … Continue reading

Books… Moar books!!!

Grrr… Still fighting some scheduler issues… Sorry folks! Tom Rogneby, AKA DaddyBear has the completed Minivandians opus up!!! You can hit the cover to get your copy!!! The blurb- Elsked, son of DaddyBear the Minivandian and Ruarin, the Lady of … Continue reading