Well, it appears they last two days of posts about Slow Joe have once again brought the ire of the @#[email protected]%(* spamholes… Normally, I get 2-4 a day… 49 on Tuesday, and 130 yesterday… I’d love to know who points … Continue reading

One wonders…

If this is where Slow Joe learned his ‘technique’… And old Humor truly does beat today’s politics… Don Meredith, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback once said: “Coach Tom Landry is such a perfectionist that if he was married to Raquel Welch, he … Continue reading

Me too???

So… A leading Dem is now under fire… Joe Biden is in the news again. Yes, he probably wants to be president. This time, however, he is in the news because of another well-timed allegation about his behavior which may keep him out of … Continue reading


There are eight remaining Apollo astronauts. At the 115th Explorers Club Annual Dinner March 16, held in New York City, they were photographed by Felix Kunze. You can quickly pick out Buzz Aldrin… Just sayin’ The only man between here … Continue reading

My scribblings…

I was asked to provide a list of books in sequence order for the two series, so here they are… The Grey Man series- The Grey Man- Vignettes The Grey Man- Payback The Grey Man- Changes The Grey Man- Partners … Continue reading

Really LAPD???

Apparently Joe Average doesn’t ‘deserve’ a CCW in LA… The Los Angeles Police Department has moved to cancel most of the few remaining concealed weapons permits in civilian hands, according to new filings in a decades-old legal case. Full article, … Continue reading

Rimworld- JACE!!!

It’s ALIVE!!! 🙂 Rimworld- JACE was done to answer some of your questions about the backstory of JACE and where the Hyderabad came from. Originally a short story, it got longer because the alpha and beta readers wanted more. It’s … Continue reading


Big radial engines in full song! Super Constellation take off at dusk. R-3350s are each fitted with three power recovery turbines (PRTs). Each shrouded PRT is turned by the exhaust of six cylinders and transfers its energy back to the … Continue reading

Rimworld- JACE…

It’s ‘almost’ alive… Started as a short story, it kept growing and is now a novella at 17600 words, thanks to my alpha and beta readers… LOL And Tina has done a super job as always on the cover! Hopefully … Continue reading


Okay, I got quite a few emails about the new/retro 590A1 and why I wasn’t putting a sidesaddle and light on it… Here’s why. This is my ‘other’ 590A1. It sits under the bed, ready to go. Speedfeed stock, sidesaddle, … Continue reading