Bumper stickers seen on military bases…

Non-PC warning...
"Except For Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, WAR has Never Solved Anything."    
"Artillery Brings Dignity to What Would Otherwise Be Just A Vulgar Brawl"    
"One Shot, Twelve Kills - U.S. Naval Gun Fire Support"    
"Do Draft-Dodgers Have Reunions? If So, What Do They Talk About?"    
"My Kid Fought In Iraq, So Your Kid Can Party In College"    
"A Dead Enemy Is A Peaceful Enemy - Blessed Be The Peacemakers"    
"If You Can Read This, Thank A Teacher. If You Can Read It In English,  Thank A Veteran"    
"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a  difference in the world. But the Marines don't have that problem."  ...Ronald Reagan    
"Army Rangers - Certified Counselors to the 72 Virgins Dating Club."    
"Water-boarding is out, so kill them all!"    
"Interrogators can't water-board dead guys"    
"Rangers - Travel Agents To Allah"    
"Stop Global Whining"    
"When In Doubt, Empty The Magazine"    
"Army Rangers - When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Destroyed  Overnight"    
"Death Smiles At Everyone - Rangers Smile Back"    
"Marine Sniper - You can run, but you'll just die tired!"    
"What Do I Feel When I Kill A Terrorist? A Little Recoil"    
"Marines - Providing Enemies of America an Opportunity To Die For their Country Since 1775"    
"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It"    
"Happiness Is A Belt-Fed Weapon"    
"It's God's Job to Forgive Bin Laden - It's Our Job To Arrange The  Meeting"    
"Machine Gunners - Accuracy By Volume" 

Enough already…

Saw this on the way to work… algore hung in effigy in Alexandria… 🙂

It’s snowing in places they can’t even SPEL snow… Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina- And getting record snow falls. Everybody jokes about DC drivers in the snow, can you imagine Atlanta or Dallas in the snow??? I don’t EVEN want to think about it…

Here’s a pic from South Carolina- 7 inches of snow…

And in other news, it don’t get no better than this folks…

Muslem leaders claim that body scanners violates muslim standards of decency. At airports, they will have the option of bypassing the scanner and getting a hand inspection.The irony here is that the only reason we need these scanners is because of the radical muslims and they will be allowed to opt out!!!

Here’s the LINK. sigh…

And by now everyone has heard about the shootings in Alabama, except this time it was a female professor from Harvard that went off the deep end because she didn’t get tenure!!! The woman was described as “not being able to deal with reality” and “not as good as she thought she was.” She joined the UAH biology faculty as an assistant professor in fall 2003.

And now the gun debate on campus will start ALL over again… Now those that want to arm professors/teachers will have this thrown in their faces… sigh…

How many more must die???

Well, I’ve been home a whole two days, it’s time to leave again, so back on the road tomorrow… Blogging/reading/chatting will be light as long days will be the norm for the next week or so.

DADT- My perspective…

Disclaimer- This is my PERSONAL perspective based on my career and my own knowledge…

Since this is obviously a hot topic both in and out of the military, and has been the subject of a number of blogs including THIS POST from Atomic Nerds, and today’s Stars and Stripes (EUR edition) featured a column by Kathleen Parker HERE on page 17. And watching two military lesbians at breakfast (one in uniform, one not; but not hiding their status) kinda kicked this off…

In part, Ms. Parker did allude to a couple of what I consider critical points…

The military is not now, and has never been a democracy; nor is not allowing gays and lesbians to be ‘open’ a violation of their civil rights…

She also alludes to the real motivations for the people pushing this- e.g. real military imperatives or civilian imperatives…

Her closing statement is correct- “Be all that you can be” was a nice recruiting slogan, but the military really is not about you. And the right to serve belongs to no one.

This also brings to mind the arguments raised by the whole WIN thing back in the 70-80’s about women serving in combat billets in the Navy. I served with women in one of the first deployed unit in 1976-77. The CO held an all hands meeting on the hangar deck and said point blank, he ONLY considered us Navy Blue, not by gender, ethnicity, religion or any thing else; he also stated he would NOT tolerate ANY deviations from this. We had no problems…

But women were raising hell about “women” being sent overseas/on ship with ‘their’ men…

A few points-

Make no mistake, gays and lesbians HAVE served with distinction in the military for years. I have served with people whom I’m pretty sure were gays and lesbians, but I didn’t ask and they didn’t tell me. The large majority NEVER came out during their careers, and many of those now “protesting in uniform” are in fact retirees or those who resigned for other reasons.

For those who have served, either on ship or in combat (or both), unit cohesion is a CRITICAL part of that unit’s success or failure. Anything that degrades that cohesion (and/or morale) WILL impact that unit negatively. Also, many cannot understand the rigors of deployment, nor the impact of combat operations.

Try living for 6-8 months in a 20X50 space with 50 other bodies, sharing limited showers, toilets and sinks; and working 12-18 hours a day for days on end. Stress brings out the best/worst in people, ANY personality flaws tend to be magnified (cleanliness, work ethic, morality, religion, drugs/drinking, mental stability, etc.), I’m not JUST talking about men here, women also suffer under the same stressors.

The same occurs in battle- your foxhole buddy is your best friend as long as s/he’s keeping the bad guy off your back…

Just for clarity sake, I also served with a pedophile (whom I helped send to prison when I found out), a murderer (who killed his wife a week after getting a medal for superior performance), and a drug dealer (who is still doing time in Leavenworth).
I have relatives who are both gay and lesbian, and have lived next door to and been friends with a gay couple in San Jose.

I have no problem with people living their own lifestyles, as long as it doesn’t DIRECTLY impact me, or they try to force that lifestyle on me; AND they do their jobs…

People WILL use anything they can get up on somebody else, be it rank, threat of ‘exposure’, or bad performance ratings to “trade” for sex from either side…

A couple of examples of the ‘negatives’ I’ve observed-

This male had hidden his orientation for almost 4 years, but on a detachment to Kodiak (where I was the OIC), he got drunk and literally put the make on another crew member in a bar. When he was refused, he begged that no one be told. I was notified that night by the mission commander, and brought the individual in to discuss the situation. He at that point acknowledged his position and requested removal from the crew and to be sent home since he was now “uncomfortable” with the situation…

I refused, and forced him to continue to fly for the remainder of the det, I also refused his request to be segregated. The crew he flew on did NOT handle the situation well, and crew cooperation degraded seriously over the remainder of the det, but operational requirements precluded replacing him…

Upon return, I turned over my report to his CO, he was subsequently transferred to another command pending separation. At that command, he used his rank to solicit sex from numerous very junior enlisted men, and was totally unrepentant when he was once again caught. He was separated from the service within about a year, and later sued (with the support of the California alternative lifestyle alliance) to return to active duty.

That single individual’s actions caused a number of problems over at least the next three years (I’m aware of), as he kept attempting to “out” individuals he ’suspected’ to be gay within the military community via the local papers and TV. His vindictiveness was amazing!

One of my “fellow” officers on a staff (an intelligence officer) was lesbian, and also used her position once she was on shore duty to solicit sex from junior enlisted females in both our command and others. She was courts martialed and received a BCD.

I also had a situation when I was an LPO where two females were caught in the barracks and brought up on charges. They lied to investigators, even when confronted with pictorial evidence, and tried to burn down the NCIS offices to destroy the evidence.

In the bigger picture, Gay/lesbian lifestyles ‘may’ work in some militaries, but even in those ‘accepting’ it; e.g. the Dutch, there is still a wariness and desire from most officers and enlisteds NOT to serve in close working environments with gay or lesbians.

One of the commenters on the Nerds brought up that assholes will be assholes- This is a true statement…

This is a LIST of the punitive articles of the UCMJ. You DO give up a lot of rights when you come into the military, and you CAN be tried for conduct unbecoming (Art 133) or the general (Art 134) depending on what you’ve done, in addition to other specific articles…

My bottom line- What ever decision gets made, it needs to made with an eye on what is BEST for the military, NOT what is best for a particular set of individuals…

If you take the money, you should do your best to give an honest days work; you should also ‘play’ by the rules… If you can’t, don’t join…
EDIT- Gay Cynic (who commented earliers) has put up a post discussing DADT HERE with an interesting set of options…

They did it!!!

Well, after 43 years, the Saints are no longer the Ain’ts… 🙂

And now a little humor…

The World’s Shortest Books

by Barack Obama
by Tiger Woods
by Jane Fonda & Cindy Sheehan
Illustrated by Michael Moore
by Rev Jesse Jackson & Rev Al Sharpton
by Hillary Clinton
by Bill Clinton
by Bill Gates
by Dennis Rodman
by Al Gore & John Kerry
by Dr. J. Kevorkian
by Ellen de Generes & Rosie O’Donnell
by O. J. Simpson
by Ted Kennedy
by Bill Clinton
introduction by Rev. Jesse Jackson

by Nancy Pelosi

And here is an interesting little Pew Research Quiz… I got 11 of 12, but the spread is AMAZING… Definitely NOT a Bell Curve.

Food Pron…

This is my lame attempt at some food pron…

Unlike Brigid, I didn’t cook it, I just ATE it 🙂

This is from my favorite Italian restaurant, it’s called Buon Gustaio and is in the castle town of Motta S’Anastsia, Italy

Is this a street???

Ah… Yep… You literally have to step up into a doorway for the car(s) to clear you…

It’s a little hole in the wall (damn near literally), with 7 tables.

We had-

Caprese (with fresh Buffalo Mozzarella)

Spaghetti- No pic of that…

The Italian name for this is about 4 inches long, I just call it flat chicken with mustard sauce and georoasta potatoes. Ummm GOOD!

And finally, freshly made Tiramisu!!! With an espresso 🙂

Burp… 🙂

No back to your regularly scheduled ‘stuff’…

Tour Guide Crap…

By request of some folks…

I’m down in Sicily with a couple of folks that have never been here, so have been drafted as the tour guide and driver (since they are both scared s**tless to drive over here)…

The “attractions” have been Motta which I linked yesterday (Food Pron); here is a pic from the battlement of the castle… Now ya gotta remember, this was back in the day (1050 AD appx) when the Lord was literally master of ALL he surveyed… Motta is probably 20 miles as the crow flies from the coast, which you see in the distance. He also owned Mt. Etna!
Siracusa, which is the ancient Greek city of Syracuse where they have the largest intact Greek Amphitheater outside Epidaurus, GR. In Ortigia, the old town of Siracusa, there is also a plaza named for Archimedes since he died here of “unfortunate” circumstances…

The Theatre Greco is still used on occasion for special performances and can hold about 10,000 people. It was built in 500BC!!! At one time it was all covered with marble. The original water supply is still flowing too!
And additionally the Romans built a small coliseum adjacent to the Theatre… And stole most of the marble…
Here’s a picture of Archimedes Fountain in Ortigia, complete with Italian couple…
Next was Taormina, a sea side fortification and the only other Greek Amphitheater (but on 5400 seats) outside Greece. It was built around 300BC, and modified by the Romans in 200AD.

Here’s a pic and I have a short video- sadly, our ears are MUCH better than the mics on the cameras, we could actually hear each other fine, and he could actually hear me scuffing my shoes over the ancient stones as I walked out at the bottom on the stage area…
And the Odeon, a small Roman speaking area inside the city walls (held about 500)…
And a pic of the original wall and port cochure with original Roman engraving (this ain’t Disney land, this is REAL)…

Random Stuff, part 422…

The Navy, then and now… For better or worse…

Then – If you smoked, you had an ashtray on your desk.
Now – If you smoke, you get sent outside and treated like a leper, if you’re lucky.

Then – Mail took weeks to come to the ship.
Now – Every time you get near land, there’s a mob topside to see if their cell phones work.

Then – If you left the ship it was in Blues or Whites, even in home port.
Now – The only time you wear Blues or Whites is for ceremonies.

Then – You wore bellbottoms everywhere on the ship.
Now – Bellbottoms are gone and 14 year-old girls wear them everywhere.

Then – You wore a Dixie cup all day, with every uniform.
Now – It’s not required and you have a choice of different hats..

Then – If you said “damn,” people knew you were annoyed and avoided you.
Now – If you say “damn” you’d better be talking about a hydroelectric plant.

Then -The Ships Office yeoman had a typewriter on his desk for doing daily reports (And you only did them ONCE).
Now – Everyone has a computer with Internet access and they wonder why no work is getting done.

Then – We painted pictures of pretty girls on airplanes to remind us of home.
Now – We put the real thing in the cockpit.

Then – Your girlfriend was at home, praying you would return alive.
Now – She is on the same ship, praying your condom worked.

Then – If you got drunk off duty, your buddies would take you back to the ship so you could sleep it off (and if you were lucky, it would even be the RIGHT ship).
Now – If you get drunk off duty, they slap you in rehab and ruin your career.

Then – Canteens were made out of steel and you could heat coffee or hot chocolate in them.
Now – Canteens are made of plastic, you can’t heat them because they’ll melt, and anything inside always tastes like plastic.

Then – Our top officers were professional sailors first. They commanded respect (AMEN).
Now – Our top officers are politicians first. They beg not to be given a wedgie.

Then – They collected enemy intelligence and analyzed it.
Now – They collect our pee and analyze it.

Then – If you didn’t act right, they’d put you on extra duty until you straightened up (BTDT).
Now – If you don’t act right, they start a paper trail that follows you forever.

Then – Medals were awarded to heroes who saved lives at the risk of their own.
Now – Medals are awarded to people who show up for work most of the time.

Then – You slept in a barracks, like a soldier.
Now – You sleep in a dormitory, like a college kid.

Then – You ate in a Mess Hall or Galley. It was free and you could have all the food you wanted (and it really wasn’t bad).
Now – You eat in a Dining Facility. Every slice of bread or pat of butter costs, and you can only have one (and it’s pretty bad).

Then – If you wanted to relax, you went to the Rec Center , played pool, smoked and drank beer.
Now -You go to the Community Center and can still play pool, maybe.

Then – If you wanted a quarter beer and conversation, you could go to the Chief’s or Officers’ Club.
Now – The beer will cost you three dollars and someone is watching to see how much you drink.

Then – The Exchange had bargains for sailors who didn’t make much money.
Now – You can get better merchandise and cheaper at Wal-Mart.

Then – If an Admiral wanted to make a presentation, he scribbled down some notes and a YN spent an hour preparing a bunch of charts.
Now – The Admiral has his entire staff spending days preparing a Power Point presentation.

Then – We called the enemy things like “Commie Bastards” and “Reds” because we didn’t like them.
Now – We call the enemy things like “Opposing Forces” and “Aggressors or Insurgents” so we won’t offend them.

Then – We declared victory when the enemy was dead and all his things were broken.
Now – We declare victory when the enemy says he is sorry and won’t do it again..

Then – A commander would put his butt on the line to protect his people.
Now – A commander will put his people on the line to protect his butt.

A Great Quote From A Sailor:

“I take exception to everyone saying that Bernanke, Obama, Reid and
Pelosi are spending like drunken sailors.. When I was a drunken
sailor, I quit spending when I ran out of money.”

I can’t resist…

An oldie, but a goody that just “might” come true on Sunday…

A Cajun died and went to hell. The devil assigned him the usual punishment…put him in the mass pit where the heat was melting others. The devil came back later surprised to find the Cajun just sitting around, not even misting, much less sweating. “How come you’re not so much as sweating here where everyone else is screaming for relief from the heat?”

The Cajun laughed and said, “Man, I was raised in the bayous of Sout Looziana. Dis ain’t nothin’ but May in Morgan City to me!”

The devil decided to really put the Cajun through it. He put him in a sealed-off cave in the pit with open blazes and four extra furnaces blasting. When he came back, days later, the Cajun was sitting pretty, had barely begun to bead up with sweat. The devil was outraged.

“How is this possible? You should be melted to a shrieking puddle in these conditions!”

The Cajun laughed even harder than before. “Hey man! I done tole you. I was raised in Sout Looziana. You tink dis is heat? Dis ain’t nothin’ but August in Cow Island!”

So the devil thought, ‘Alright, a little reverse ought to do the trick.’ He put the Cajun into a corner of hell where no heat ever reached. It was freezing and to add to the Cajun’s misery, he added massive icebergs and blasting frozen air. When he returned, the Cajun was shivering, ice hung from every part of him but he was grinning like it was Christmas.

Exasperated, the devil asked “HOW!? How is it possible? You’re impervious to heat and here you sit in conditions you can’t be used to…freezing cold and yet you’re happier than if you were in heaven. WHY?”

The Cajun kept grinning and asked, “Don’t dis mean de Saints won da Super Bowl?”

GEAUX Saints!!! 🙂 (especially since my Cowboys got beat)…

Brown Shoes…

This post won’t make a lot of sense to anyone who hasn’t been a Naval Aviator or Aircrew Chief, but I figure it’s better than bitching about NASA being killed, or the current globull warming I’ve been shovelling, or the BS PU shoveled the other night…

Without further ado, a bit of history…

Naval Aviation officially began 08 May 1911 with the first order of a “Flying Machine” from the Wright Brothers. This purchase also included aeronautical training of Naval personnel who would become the first Naval Flying Instructors who would be the founders in spearheading Naval Aviation as we know it today.

To train these future Naval Aeronautical Aviators in the Wright Brother’s flying machine, Rockwell Field (the first Army airfield in the United States, located on the north island of the island chain in San Diego), was selected and jointly shared with the Navy as the most suitable airfield site. In October 1935, Rockwell Field was transferred to the Navy by presidential executive order of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The last Army units departed in 1939. Later, the Army Corps of Engineers was commissioned to dredge the channel and fill the low areas, leveling the island chain, thus the name “North Island” emerged as Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, California.

Six commissioned officers were selected from the surface fleet as the first student Naval Aviation Aviator Trainees to be trained by these Naval Flight Instructors.

These pioneer Aviator Trainees coming from the surface fleet wore uniform low quarter, square toed, black rough out leather shoes which served best on the coal burning ships commonly consumed by soot from the ships stacks.

Arriving for duty at the North Island Air Field for training flights, the six students experienced a foreign environment of dust on the soft surface air field. They found themselves being constantly required to remove the dust from their black shoes which was irritating causing them to look for alternatives to this nuisance.

In the midst of their training while often times funding their own petrol expenses, the six discussed alternatives to their problem deciding that brown shoes might serve best to solve their problem with seniors who were putting what they felt was too much into uniform appearance. With that, all six decided that brown high top shoes with brown leggings was their solution. On a Saturday morning, the six located a cobbler shop on 32nd Street in San Diego, California whom they commissioned to produce same at a time and price they could live with.

Upon taking custody of their prize a short time later, the test of practical use of their new Brown Shoes and acceptance from their senior cadre members became a function of time.

Within a few days, the practicality of the Shoes of Brown proved to be an acceptable solution to the student Aviators.. The six then met to discuss how to bring about change of the uniform regulation to include the Brown Shoes and high top leggings as distinctive part of the aviators permanent uniform.

With some discussion on how to approach their proposal, they concluded that a petition to bring about change for a distinctive aviators uniform would best serve their plight.

A few days later, they met to compose a petition which would later be approved and endorsed by their seniors and forwarded to the Navy Bureau for consideration.

On 13 November 1913, the Navy Bureau signed approval to the uniform regulations to include The Shoes of Brown with Brown high top leggings as part of the permanent uniform for Naval Aerial Aviators.

This change carried itself through World War II to 1944 while logistically, the brown shoes were not in production due to priority war efforts. However, in stock supply would be issued and the wearing of same was still authorized. At the end of the war in 1945, production of brown shoes was again continued and issued until July 1976.

Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, Jr., USN, was a two term CNO from 01 Jul 1970 to 01 Jul 1974. An Admiral from the Surface Navy (Black Shoe) had a desire for significant change within the Navy and its policies. With that, one of his initiatives was to end an era of Naval Aviation with the removal of the Brown Shoes from the Navy.

With the stage set, at 0000, 01 July 1976, the CNO, by instruction to Naval Uniform Department of NMPC, ended an era in tradition of Naval Aviation distinction and pride. “A Naval Aviation tradition came to an end when Brown Shoes were stricken from the Officer’s and Chiefs uniforms. The tradition distinguished the Brown Shoe Navy of the Aviators from the Black Shoes of the Surface Officers.”

Note- Most people just put them in the closet in hopes they would be back when someone at the top got some ‘sense’…

The following is a letter from LCDR William L. Estes, USN (Ret.) to Pat Francis detailing his odyssey to make the higher ups ‘see the light’…

In September 1979, I was assigned to TRARON Ten as a T-2B/C Buckeye flight instructor (The Dirty 100) at MAS Pensacola, Florida. With my keen interest in history, I began initiatives to resurrect The Shoes of Brown as part of the permanent uniform for Naval Aviation in the same spirit as those in lead who first set the initiative.

With several cross country flights to the Naval Archives at NMPC in Washington DC, I researched for the original aviators petition in an effort to author, in kind, the same which would be reborn at Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida, the Cradle of Naval Aviation.

Receptive and in support of the Brown Shoes initiatives, Captain Jude J. Lahr, USN, Commodore, Training Air Wing 6, gave the “Thumbs Up with a Sierra Hotel” for same.

With that, I drafted a petition which was headed by and reads:

“RESURRECTION OF THE BROWN SHOES – WHEREAS, In the course of history of Naval Aviation, the “SHOES OF BROWN”, first adopted in November 1913, have held a position of revered, cherished esteem in the hearts of all those associated with Naval Air, second only to the “WINGS OF GOLD”, and WHEREAS, in the course of human events it becomes necessary to recognize an overwhelming desire to return the esprit of heritage amongst the cadre of AIRDALES, now – THEREFORE, let the feelings be known that we the undersigned, all duly designated NAVAL AVIATORS, NAVAL FLIGHT OFFICERS, FLIGHT SURGEONS and FLIGHT PHYSIOLOGIST, do hereby affix our signatures and designators to this petition calling for the immediate change to the Naval Uniform Regulations which would allow the “SHOES OF BROWN” to once again take their rightful position below the “WINGS OF GOLD.”

The first and most fitting to sign was Captain Jude J. Lahr, USN followed by senior CNET cadre members to include Captain Robert L. Rasmussen, USN, parent Commanding Officers (NASP, NASC, NAMI, NAMRL) and other command seniors, mid-grades and juniors alike and was unanimously received and signed as presented.

Numerous requests from commands throughout the United States, foreign ashore activities and carriers on the line requested the petition be sent them for signing via telephone, message and post mail.

Upon completion of my shore tour, I was then assigned to USS MIDWAY (CV-41). I continued initiatives with the Brown Shoes petition after receiving a “SH” approval from Commanding Officer, Captain Charles R. McGrail, Jr., USN. After an overwhelming receptive Carrier Air Wing 5 and ships company cadre, Captain McGrail later signed out the petition in Red with “forwarded Most Strongly Recommending Approval” to the CNO/NMPC on commands letterhead stationery with a personal note.

Following my 2.5 year Midway tour, I returned to Training Air Wing 6 as a T-2C Buckeye flight instructor with TRARON Ten. On the morning of 12 Sep 85, while airborne on a APM/Spin Hop with a student, I received a UHF radio call from the squadron duty officer (SDO) to “BUSTER” return to base with no explanation. On return to squadron spaces to meet with the SDO, the Skipper escorted me to his office where he moments later received a telephone call from SECNAV, The Honorable John F. Lehman, Jr. (a Tailhooker himself) who congratulated me as being the spearhead in Resurrecting the Brown Shoes back to the “AIRDALES” of U. S. Naval Aviation. SECNAV Lehman informed me that he was going to announce that month, the return of the Brown Shoes at the 1985 TAILHOOK Convention and that he wanted to personally authorize me to be The First to wear the “Coveted Shoes of Brown” before his announcement.

“When you fight with the spirit, the sword will follow…”

I was one of the many proud aviators that donned brown shoes the following day (not that we had a heads up or anything)…

Remember, it’s always the little things that count… and don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things…

Stick a fork in it…

This trip is just about over… Heading back home after three weeks on the road…

Met up with Julie again, she swears she can cook Roo tail so it’s edible, Roo butt not so much… But I did get a good steak finally!!!
Also found out our favorite place to eat in Perth is in fact in the BAD section of town, she won’t go there unless armed, and since they’re not allowed, she doesn’t (Guess we got lucky as we were going there in groups of four or larger)… Local knowledge HELPS!!!
We also had another interesting conversation on shooting. Come to find out, she is a relatively new shooter, actually got into it as a stress reliever/relaxation to “shut the brain off for a bit”. She said she was immediately hooked by the math and precision requirements that forced her to concentrate
I also figured out how to get meetings done with the DC folks…
Schedule them in Sydney… sigh… Ran into FOUR people out here I needed to talk to- Three from DC and one from Utah. Got more done in sidebars than I could have done in 2 weeks of trying in DC… Also hooked up with a few old friends who are also in the ‘business’ and we had lunch today (except the chicken curry sandwich was inedible). It’s really a pretty sad comment on our lifestyles (or lack of), that we have a better chance of running into each other half way around the world than we do of seeing each other in DC…
It ‘should’ be a fairly quick trip back to the states, as the headwinds caused another flight to turn around today for lack of gas…
I get a whole two days at home, then back on the road in the opposite direction…
A couple of the Aussies were commenting on the SOTU speech and were NOT impressed. Basically asked what was going on in the States, where was the support for the troops, and why was President Unicorn still blaming Bush for the failures. I didn’t have a good answer…
At the airport now, survived an Aussie taxi driver who must have been a stunt driver in the Mad Max movies… I seriously don’t think he ever touched the brakes, just the horn and yelling at the other drivers! I “think” I finally got the seat outta my ass…
Anyhoo, y’all have a good weekend, ya hear!!!