A Sad Day…

Yesterday, 28 November 2009 marked the final flight of a P-3 from NAS Brunswick, ME, better known to all of us as Broomstick…

The last two VP-26 P-3s flew out yesterday afternoon with no fanfare, no statements, just going on deployment to do their jobs. The squadron will return to NAS Jacksonville in approximately six months.

Broomstick was the one base I was never stationed on, but I made plenty of trips in and out of there… Good shopping, with LL Bean, Kittery Trading Post and other good places within about 20 minute drive.

The other thing I will always remember was the Lobster house just off base, he took personal checks, always gave us the best possible price, and if we couldn’t get a ride out to pick up the lobsters, he delivered, and wouldn’t take extra for gas…

People either loved the place or hated it, and over the years there were some interesting screwups…

Early in the 1970s, both NAS Brunswick and NAS Glynco (at Brunswick, GA) got new base housing contracts approved…

And yep, you’re right, they crossed them up… The Brunswick, GA houses were insulated to hell and gone, and the Brunswick, ME houses had NO insulation…

Also they ‘tried’ to dig basements in GA, which didn’t work to well with a water table at about three feet…

I also remember the pilot inadvertently dropping a torpedo that landed in the pizza shop off the departure end of the runway…

This is the 13th base I was either stationed on, or worked out of that has closed… Maybe somebody is trying to tell me something…

NAS Glynco, NAS Sangley Point, NAS Keflavik, NAS Rota, NAS Agana, NAS Cubi Pt, Naha AB, NAS Moffett Field, NAS Adak, NAS Barbers Point, NAS Lajes, NAS Bermuda, and now NAS Brunswick.

God forbid that we need to ramp up anytime in the near future…

We won’t have the assets, the runways, or the people to make things work…

Absent Comrades

Redneck Engineering…

So… my job was to get up at zero dark 30 and smoke the turkey for Thanksgiving…

Smoker- Check
Turkey- Check
Charcoal- one load… Oops…
Water hose- Check
Alternatives- Check

Besides it was COLD outside…

Anyhoo, here’s what I kluged together…

Propane fish fryer burner + fire bricks + 2 thermometers + 1 digital meat thermometer= I get to sit in the nice warm kitchen occasionally checking the temp of the turkey with a pair of binoculars 🙂

The only foray I had to make was to add a little water to the pan, and add Hickory and Cherry to the charcoal!

It was a good day, good food, good friends and emails and calls from various others throughout the US and around the world. I hope yours was a good, and you survived the turkey and dessert induced coma 🙂

Please travel safe going home or where ever your travels take you this weekend…

Now back to your regularly scheduled reality 🙁


I know I’m early, but I know people are going to be travelling starting today…

Thanksgiving Day is a unique American holiday that brings together this nation of all faiths and cultural backgrounds around a common theme of thanks. Traditionally, we gather with family and friends to reflect on the year past, and give thanks for the blessings and freedoms we enjoy. It’s a time when we stop for a moment in our busy schedules to share bounty, food and fellowship.

We need to be mindful that for lots of Americans it has been a tough year. Hard times can serve to remind us to be more thankful, and if you have a chance, reach out to someone less fortunate this week.

Also, many of the Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines are away from home on Thanksgiving Day. I ask that we all keep them in mind as we gather around the table on Thursday. Please include a thought of gratitude in your grace for the freedoms they defend, and those we enjoy as a result of their dedication and sacrifice.

I want to thank those who take the time to drop by and read my chicken scratchings, I appreciate every one of you and all of your comments. I also appreciate the chance this blog has given me to meet both literally and figuratively so many outstanding people, whom I may not always agree with, but that I know I can have an intelligent conversation with!!!

I learn something from y’all every day…

Take care, be safe, drive safe, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah, remember that whole globull warming thing I’ve been saying was bull for two years???

I told ya so… 🙂

I was wrong…

I said a Senator could be bought for $100 million…

Landrieu walked onto the Senate floor mid afternoon Saturday to announce her aye vote — and to trumpet the financial “fix” she had arranged for Louisiana. “I am not going to be defensive,” she declared. “And it’s not a $100 million fix. It’s a $300 million fix.”

Now I wonder what we will ‘pay’ for Blanche Lincoln’s vote… This is as bad as athletes, all have to get paid more than the one before them! Will her final price be $400M, or $600M? All I know is that I REALLY don’t want for myself, my children, and my grandchild to have to pay the bill!

It has become obvious to me, these people really don’t care about us; all they care about is power, and how they can get more!

Anybody wanna bet there won’t be ANY ‘town hall’ meetings during this recess??? Hmmm???

I will categorically state here and now, I will do everything legal within my power to see that NONE of these sleazebags get re-elected in 2010!

It is long past time for we the people to stand up for OUR rights, and I believe the ONLY way we can do that is to vote each and every one of these turkeys out next year!!!

I also believe we need a Constitutional Amendment limiting congresscritters to two terms, AND making them come under ANY legislation they pass, no exemptions, no excuses. If there is no COLA raise for military or retirees, then THEY don’t get a raise either. IF the military or retirees gets a 2.1% raise, that is what they get.

Also I would do away with “retirement” pay for serving in congress. It should be a PRIVILEGE to serve, not a way to set one’s self up for life!

Oh by the way, how come if this gets passed, the taxing, etc. starts next year, but there are no “changes” to coverage requirements till 2014??? And since the dems pushed through the $200B payments to doctors for Medicare this year (by a close vote last week), why is THAT money not calculated?

And how do they propose to add at least 6 million to the insurance rolls, and cut funding to Medicare/Medicaid? And where are all the ‘extra’ doctors going to come from to treat all the new patients (especially since it takes average of EIGHT years to become a doctor)?

Just askin…

What’s wrong with this picture???

Well, it’s obvious; once again President Unicorn is disrespecting the Stars and Stripes… This was taken as the Flag was being presented at the Tomb on Veterans Day. Note that EVERYONE else on the podium is either saluting or had their hand over their hearts, along with ALL of the attendees the photog could see…


And we now know how much one can buy a Senator for… Mary Landrieu, sleazebag that she is, was bought off for $100 million. She is just as sleazy as her daddy was when he was mayor of New Orleans.

In other news, the ship of State has sprung a few (dozen) leaks…

Both Gates and President Unicorn (PU) are pissed about the leaks, but for different reasons…

Gates because there is obviously a ‘significant’ security issue, and the White House has been and is continuing to leak details about General McChrystal’s plan. PU is pissed because McChrystal and Gates haven’t kowtowed to him…

From today’s WAPO OPED by Michael Gerson comes this rather telling statement: “We have learned that Obama’s national security team is both deeply divided and playing for blood. Military-civilian tensions are growing and have become reflected on the ground in Afghanistan.”

Ya think???

And one you will NEVER see on the news…

John G’s wife said that this little girl’s entire family was executed. The insurgents intended to execute the little girl also, and shot her in the head…but they failed to kill her. She was cared for in John’s hospital and is healing up, but continues to cry and moan. The nurses said John is the only one who seems to calm her down, so John has spent the last four nights holding her while they both slept in that chair. The girl is coming along with her healing.

He is a real Star of the war, and represents what America is trying to do.

This, my friends, is worth sharing.. Go for it!! You’ll never see things like this in the news. Please keep this going. Nothing will happen if you don’t, but the American public needs to see pictures like this and needs to realize that what we’re doing over there is making a difference. Even if it is just one little girl at a time.

J. Gxxxx U. S. Navy

Please remember all those who are serving today through out the world to keep us safe and free during this holiday season!

Changes in Golf rules…

For all the flogger…er, golfers out there…

Obama’s Golf Czar has announced there is a possibility of MAJOR rule changes to the game of golf, this may occur sometime after March 1, 2010.

This is only a preview as the complete rule book is being rewritten now.
Here are a few basic changes:

Golfers with handicaps:
– below 10 will have their green fees increased by 35%.
– between 11 and 18 will see no increase in green fees.
– above 18 will get a check each time they play.

The dollar amount placed in bets will be as follows:
-for handicaps below 10, an additional $10.
-between 11 and 18, no additional amount.
-above 18, you will receive the total amount in the pot even if you do not play.

The term “gimme” will be changed to “entitlement” and will be used as follows:
-handicaps below 10, no entitlements.
-handicaps from 11 to 17, entitlements for putter length putts.
-handicaps above 18, if your ball is on green, no need to putt, just pick it up.

These entitlements are intended to bring about fairness and, most importantly, equality in scoring. In addition, a Player will be limited to a maximum of one birdie or six pars in any given round. Any excess must be given to those fellow players who have not yet scored a birdie or par. Only after all players have received a birdie or par from the player actually making the birdie or par, can that player begin to count his pars and birdies again.

The current USGA handicap system will be used for the above purposes but the term ‘net score’ will be available only for scoring those players with handicaps of 18 and above.

This is intended to ‘redistribute’ the success of winning by making sure that in every competition, the above 18 handicap players will post only ‘net score’ against every other player’s gross score.

These new Rules are intended to CHANGE the game of golf. Golf must be about Fairness.
It should have nothing to do with Ability…

Survived the trip…

4400+ miles in 13 days, only problem was a windshield lost to a lug nut off a semi…

Good times with old and new friends, wandering the gun show at Tulsa, lots of time for reflection while driving…

I GOTTA do this more often 🙂

This is some “military” humor that I KNOW applies to the military, and I’m now beginning to believe applies to Gun Bloggers too!

FRIENDS: Tell you not to do something stupid when drunk
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will post 360 degree security so you don’t get caught

FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Call your parents drunk as hell and tell them about the fat chick you tried to pick up

FRIENDS: Hope the night out drinking goes smoothly, and hope that no one is late for the ride home.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Know some wild s**t will happen, and set up rally points and an E & E route.

FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will be sitting next to you saying, Damn…we screwed up…but hey, that s**t was fun “

FRIENDS: Cry with you.
MILITARY FRIENDS: laugh at you and tell you to put some vagasil on your parts.

FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Steal each other’s stuff so often nobody remembers who bought it in the first place.

FRIENDS: Are happy that someone picked up a one night stand and leave them alone.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will Low Crawl naked into the room with a camera and Hope
for the tag team.

FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Could write a book with direct quotes from you.

FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that’s what the crowd is doing.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you.

FRIENDS: Would knock on your door.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Walk right in and say, “I’m home!”

FRIENDS: Will try and talk to the bouncer when you get tossed out of the bar.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will man up and go after the bouncer for touching you on the way out.

FRIENDS: Will wish you had enough money to go out that night, and are sorry you couldn’t come.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will share their last dollar with you, drag you along, and try to steal free drinks all night

FRIENDS: Will take your drink away when they think you’ve had enough.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say, “You better drink the rest of that crap, you know we don’t waste. That’s alcohol abuse!!!” HAHAHAHA !!!!

FRIENDS: Want the money they loaned you back next week.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Can’t begin to remember who owes who money after taking
care of each other for so long.

FRIENDS: Will say “I can’t handle Tequila anymore”.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will say “okay, just one more…” and then 2 minutes later “okay, just one more!”.

FRIENDS: Will talk s**t to the person who talks s**t about you.
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will knock them the F**k out!!

FRIENDS: Will tell you “They’d take a bullet for you.”
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will actually take a bullet for you.

FRIENDS: Will ignore this
MILITARY FRIENDS: Will forward this to all their friends.

Since I’ve been on the road for two days, I ‘know’ I’m behind on the news and all the other crap going on, so I’m just going to comment on other blogs till I get caught up!

Most of y’all say it much better than I can anyway…

Speaking of surviving, I just realized a went over 50,000 views today!

THANK YOU ALL! I honestly never believed I’d get there 🙂

Please go read…

Brigid had a ‘situation’ not long ago- For those females (all three of you) that read this blog, make SURE you go read THIS

For the rest- This lady knows of which she speaks, and is NOT a shy retiring violet, but this just sent shivers down my back. We all know violence is increasing and home invasions are on the rise with the increase in unemployment and current “situation”…

An example- At the gun show this weekend I was talking to an acquaintance who told me a guy he’d called a friend for years had gone off the deep end and robbed a drug store last week to try to get money to pay his mortgage while he looked for a job- He’s now in jail, his wife and kids are basically on the street, and he’s looking at hard time! It can happen to anyone…

Be careful out there…

In retrospect…

I can honestly say that Blogarado was the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in 20 years…

FarmFam took us in like family, and really made us feel at home. They handed me a knife and told me to get to work…

Plus I got banned from a garage for the first time in 20 years (thanks Memaw)

Farm Dad and Farm Mom went well over and above- the food, the time, the range we built, everything was outstanding.

Breda looking around after shooting steels for the first time with a huge smile going “I LIKE this”.

Christina’s ear to ear grin, and the comment “My mouth hurts from grinning”.

Snarky’s willingness to take instruction, and her smiles as she was introduced to new guns.

Salamander standing at the pistol table with a puzzled expression trying to figure out what to shoot next.

Matt getting to shoot JPG’s wedding gun!

JPG popping the reactive target with multiple ARs and smiling his quiet little smile!

Alan and his SMG!

Lawdog and Phlegmmy shooting anything and everything and smiling the whole time, and Lawdog FINALLY knocking over the last popper with the .44 Mag…

AD and Katy Beth sitting on the ground shooting together 🙂

AeJim learning how to bump fire; now THAT was an ear to ear grin…

Farm Dad standing at the pistol table saying something to the effect of so many guns, so little time!

Gay Cynic becoming more and more confident in open carry, shooting MANY pistols, and smiling the whole time.

Farm Girl coming off the M-24 after going 5 for 5 with a sly little (I told you so) grin.

The Nerds (Labrat and Stingray) and their matching wedding “rings” made by Les Baer, AND some outstanding beer (well except the bb)…

And then there was the whole 8 point buck thing… 🙂

Veterans Day…

Every time ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ have been threatened, there have been a small select few who have stood to repel that threat.

You, my colleagues and friends, have done that by your service.

I thank you!!!