One of THOSE trips, part 2

Well, I finally got where I was supposed to be- That’s good. The bad- Only taxi left “said” he could get on base… $42 later, I’m hoofing it from the main gate to Billeting, dragging the bags… lovely… So I … Continue reading

It’s one of THOSE trips part 1…

Ever have one of THOSE days, weeks, months???That’s kinda how my trip is going so far… It’s been a real mix of the good and the bad, and I’m just waiting for the ugly to show up… sigh…Sunday- 6 hours … Continue reading

Ye Haaa… Talk about an E ticket ride…

This video is from an airport in Brazil known for it’s severe crosswinds…Boeing and Airbus use it to test side loading and stresses on landing gears. This is a place where the company test pilots REALLY earn their pay!Sit back, … Continue reading

B. Hussein at it again…

Well, B. Hussein is not making friends and influencing people in Penn…I was gonna write a blast about his comments, till I read the Cranky Prof’s, all I can say is she said it MUCH better than I can, and … Continue reading

My retirement job

This is what I want to do when I retire to Hawaii… I want to be the guy that grooms the beach! Great working hours- 0200-0700, no pressure, no bosses! Just ride around on my little tractor and groom the … Continue reading

Random Airport Observations…

Well, the Christmas travel is over, and I survived the trip…However, I did get to spend a ‘little’ extra time sitting at the airport waiting for an airplane to show up (Like 7 hours)…Soooo, random observations:Why oh why do people … Continue reading

On the Road again, part 238

Sunrise descending into Sydney- 90nm NE of Sydney descending through FL 280 yesterday. Well, it’s 0400 here in Perth and I’m wide awake, it’s 9 degrees Centigrade… Must. Do. The. Math… errr… 48??? Yeah, close enough… Lemme see- Thirteen hours … Continue reading