Life Evolutions….

Sorry for the lack of posts- been a little busy… Combining road trips are just pure hell… Four days of sitting on my ass listening to briefings (mostly rehashes of last year’s conference), sidebars (where most of the REAL work … Continue reading

Washington Rules…

Attributed to a Southern democrat Congresscritter’s office. It’s no wonder they haven’t done a damn thing since they took over the Congress… sigh…If it is worth fighting for, it is worth fighting dirty for Don’t lie, cheat, or steal unnecessarilyThere … Continue reading

Another recommended blog

I don’t know how I’ve missed this one! Go check out the Cranky Prof, she tells it like it is!Good reads and you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement and chuckling at the same time. … Continue reading

The old girl takes pretty good pictures…

The Hubble takes pretty good pictures after they put glasses on her 🙂 NASA and Hubble have just released 59 more shots from the Hubble library. This group is called colliding galaxies. Go here to look at, download and wonder … Continue reading

Book meme

From Tamara, who got it here:1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating!2. Find page 123.3. Find the first five sentences.4. Post the next three sentences.5. Tag five people.Here’s my three sentences from Dan Jenkins … Continue reading

Staff One liners…

A bit of explanation here- The LAST thing a warfighter wants to drive is a desk, especially when there is a war on… That is one reason most staff tours are 18-24 months, to roll people out before they go … Continue reading

Me meme…

I have been tagged by Fire Fox with a meme and against my better judgement I have said I would participate. Here are the rules if you decide to play along: 1) Link to your tagger and post these rules … Continue reading

Wonder what ‘he’ was reporting…

One of CNN’s British hot shots gets nailed in Central Park; any bets this won’t get covered by CNN worldwide??? Here is the link to the full article… /snicker/ This is CNN?Kinky!CNN personality Richard Quest was busted in Central Park … Continue reading


Yes, that stands for Just Another $%^*& Monday… sigh…A blog worth reading is William the Coroner, an interesting perspective on life. Go check it out! Meetings from 0830-1730, then an ass chewing for not getting my ‘work’ done… Well, gee- … Continue reading

Is it November yet?????

Is this #$%^^ election cycle over YET????Billary and B. Hussein are locked in a lying match, er… contest in PA that is just getting more and more outlandish as the days go on, so to deflect media, Howie (hear me … Continue reading