Kilted to Kick Cancer…

Kilted to Kick Cancer


Prostate Cancer Facts:

  • About 233,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in 2015.
  • Nearly 30,000 men will die of prostate cancer in 2015.
  • About 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.
  • More than 2.5 million men in the United States who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point are still alive today.
  • Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, behind only lung cancer.
  • About 1 man in 36 will die of prostate cancer.

Testicular Cancer Facts:

  • It most often affects men between ages 20 and 39.
  • It affects 8,000 men a year, and kills 390 of them.
  • It is the most common form of cancer in men ages 15-34.
  • 95% of cases can be cured if detected early.

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P3 sunset

The P-3 Orion is going away… In a few years…

I spent a lot of years flying on these all over the world. Did some fun things, some not so fun, and still can’t talk about a bunch of it…

Having said that, HERE is a pretty interesting interview (wondering how some of this got through the censors) from a current generation P-3 pilot.

Not a sexy acft, more like a truck (carried LOTS of strange stuff over the years), scared the crap out of us more than once, but brought us home every time. We lost a number of shipmates over the years, to a variety of causes, and their memories will live on as long as we are alive.


Compare and contrast…

The Charleston shootings, by a white, and immediately proclaimed a hate crime prompted nationwide outrage over the Confederate flag, forcing many to take the flags down, stop selling them, or stop displaying them. There was nationwide pressure to remove/ban the flag permanently…

confederate flag

The shooter’s desire to start a race war and tying that to the flag were central to their argument that the flag had to come down. Googling removal of the Confederate flag generated about 865,000 results… And not a SINGLE picture of a Confederate flag. Probably the first 50 pages of results all tied back to the Charleston shooting…

Last week a Black, gay, disgruntled employee killed two former co-workers on local TV. His apartment had a LGBT flag prominently displayed. He wanted to start a race war and blamed it on the Charleston shootings and his ‘powder keg’ feelings.


Where are the calls for removing/banning the LGBT flag? Where are the outraged media over his support of this flag and his desire to start a race war? Where are the editorials about this hate crime???


Googling removal of the LGBT flag generated about 446,000 results… And multiple pictures of it, including the White House being lit for LGBT. Not even the first page of results has ANY mention of the Roanoke shooter and his stance…

The WAPO had an interesting article HERE, on Friday ‘discussing’ the ‘perceived’ bias in coverage…

What has ALL the coverage been? Gun control! Can’t address that elephant in the room, so the default it EBIL GUNS!!! ELEVENTY!!! Can’t talk about a gay, black going off and committing a hate crime… Nope… Not PC…

This is an interesting screen cap from book of face…

remove the flag

Sigh… Crap like this doesn’t give me much hope that the America ‘I’ grew up in and defended, can be salvaged. Of course since that was a Christian environment, and family oriented, and people of all races got along; so it must be denigrated, scoffed at, and made fun of…


Getting old sucks…

But this one makes me smile…

45 ACPI resemble that, but I eventually get it done…

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Space Opera…

Here’s a chapter from the MilSF book I’m working on…

Just to change things up a bit. I’m thinking this one will be something like the Rim World Series. Probably three or four books there, depending on how well I can do SF, or not… :-)

Old Friends

Colonel Randall walked slowly from the GalPat assault shuttle to the spaceport administration building, noting the condition of the equipment and personnel she could see, filing it away for future reference.

She spared a glance for the ugly tramp merchant ship sitting off to one side, then looked closer as she realized that was the ship that had brought Major Ward and his strike company down from Star Gate. A niggling thought bubbled in the back of her mind as she looked at the ship, but it wouldn’t surface and she continued up the steps of the administration building. Seeing the guard at the top of the steps draw a breath, she said quickly, “No, don’t call attention on deck. This is an unofficial visit. No honors.”

The trooper gulped, slapped his rifle to present arms and replied, “Yes ma’am.”

Her lace came up with the trooper’s information and she asked, “So, Trooper Hanlon, what do you think of this mudball? And the people in charge?”

Trooper Hanlon gulped again, “Uh, ma’am… It’s not my place to say.”

“Unofficial, remember?”

“Uh, yes ma’am. It’s not bad. Major Ward is kinda flakey, but the locals are friendly compared to a lot of places. But it kinda sucks that we have to stay LO[1] all the time. The local yokel the Major is working with is one strange dude, but he seems to have his shit together, or at least better than the major. Sorry ma’am.”

Randall made a waving motion, and the trooper continued, “It’s like he already knows what questions you’re going to ask, and I think he’s ex-mil. Maybe even ex-GalPat, but he’s too young to have retired. He’s closeted with the major in the conference room right now, scuttlebutt is we’re going to strike tonight late and they are doing the final planning now.”

Randall nodded, “Thanks Hanlon. Remember, no honors.”

“Yes ma’am.” Hanlon replied as Randall stepped through the main entry.

Walking down the main hallway, she saw that someone had made an attempt to decorate the building to relieve the sheer sameness of the walls, floor and ceiling. Finding the conference room she stuck her head in, but it was empty. She continued to the end of the hall, but didn’t see anyone; finding a set of stairs there, she shrugged and climbed them to the second floor, and continued looking in offices.

Halfway down on the right side, she finally saw a figure sitting at the desk. It was Fargo, and he was deep in concentration on an actual paper map. A smile quirked the corner of Colonel Randall’s mouth as she stepped quietly through the door.

She managed to get almost to the front of the desk then popped to attention saying, “Sir! Sergeant Randall, Fargo’s Fuck Ups, reporting to the commander as directed!” Startled, Fargo looked up and she executed a precise Terran Marine salute. She saw Fargo’s face change, almost like a wall coming down behind his eyes.

Fargo said, “Out of uniform as usual, Sergeant?” He stood and returned her salute formally, then walked around the desk, “I’m glad you made it Nan, or should I call you Colonel?”

Impulsively, Randall hugged Fargo, tears in her eyes, “I never got the chance to thank you for bringing us home. I know you came by when the few of us that lived were still in the boxes, but by the time we got out, you were already gone.”

Fargo patted her shoulder, “It wasn’t by choice Nan, and by the time y’all were released by medical, I was already up on charges. The courts-martial and drumming out was short, sweet and terminal. I wasn’t even allowed to make a last visit to the troop bay. I was so persona non grata the Corps even bounced my emails when I tried to send my well wishes.”

A cleared throat at the door made them realize they were still hugging and they quickly separated, turning to the door. Major Ward stood there looking uncomfortably back and forth between the two. Randall, now fully back in her colonel persona said, “Noah, Fargo was my company commander when I was a sergeant. I haven’t seen him in over twenty-five years. He taught me more about leadership than I ever learned in any schoolhouse.”

Ward nodded, “Now it makes sense why you sent us down here and said for me to directly coordinate with Fargo.” He stepped to the desk and laid out a frag order, “Fargo, I’ve got my troops ready to jump off at zero three hundred local as soon as your indigs start the ball rolling.”

Colonel Randall asked, “Y’all want to lay your plan out for me?”

Fargo spun the map around and using a pen, pointed out the locations where the Ghorkas would start the attack from, “Nan, er, Colonel…”

“Nan, please.”

“Nan, my indigs as the major calls them are Ghorkas, all retired GalPat combat troops and of the one hundred I have, all of them are either E-eights, nines or warrants. All of them are combat vets, and they have locally manufactured powered armor. They have spent the last seventy-two hours infiltrating to these three locations, and they’ve given us movement, security perimeters, guard locations, defenses and facilities use via LPI comms.”

“How did you get the info and why weren’t they counter-detected?”

“It goes no further than this room, but we have access to micro-bots that were sent in with various tasks. The scouts went into power down mode as soon as any movement was detected in the valley. The Traders don’t fly anything out of the valley in the daylight, and use counter-grav at night so there is no light signature or noise when they do launch. They know, well thought they knew, there wasn’t a satellite system around the planet. That’s what gave us their initial locating information.”

Impatiently Randall asked, “What’s your plan tonight? You can backfill me later on the intel.”

Fargo and Ward exchanged glances, Fargo continued, “They’ve got two ships on the ground now. It’s a forward base for the Traders, and our plan is to hit them, take down comms, kill everyone and raid the base for any information, then we’re going to crash a ship back into the facility and get a partial fusion bottle blow, destroying the facility.”

Randall looked at Ward, “You have any problems with that Noah?”

“No ma’am. Fargo’s got a good plan, and we’re going to have six teams, one per building, in full armor. Go in hard and fast, and take them down.”

“How are you going to put your teams on the ground, and what about outbound comms?”

Fargo stepped in, “We’re going to use Hyderabad to jam the comms, and Ward’s folks will drop from her at ten k, allowing them twelve seconds to get on the ground as our folks take out the defenses. Each team has the facility plans on their implants for their building and their secondary targets, and we’ve headcounted about a hundred personnel at the site so far.”

Randall looked at Ward, “You look like you have reservations.”

“Can I speak to you privately, Ma’am?”

Fargo said, “Oh for God’s sake. I’ll go get coffee,” and stomped out of the room.

Randall rounded on Ward, “Noah, what is your problem?”

“I’m not comfortable with his indigs, and his so called intel. I’d rather wait until we can put our own eyes on the target. He’s just a local yokel now, and we’ve got a lot more advanced…”

“Major Ward, that local yokel as you call him, has more time in combat than you have in the force. This is your first time to actually get in the field leading troops, and I’m beginning to wonder if you’re actually up to it.”

Ward drew himself up stiffly to attention, “Ma’am, I can get the job done. If you will excuse me, I need to get my troops ready.”

“Fine, dismissed.”

Fargo came back with two bulbs of coffee, “What the hell was that Nan?”

Randall accepted the bulb with a nod, “Ah, Ward is a fuck up I got foisted on me. He’s managed to avoid combat by kissing ass, pulling embassy duty, and staff duty as a liaison with his politically connected brother-in-law. He was sent out as a relief for my good major who was due to rotate out.”

“Ah, one of those.”

“Yeah, I got told to square him away, get him in combat or document enough fuck ups to kick him out. I hate pushing him off on you, but the troops are damn good. I figured he’d be nothing more than a figurehead, and wouldn’t be dumb enough to not take your advice.”

“Well… Shit Nan, he didn’t fight me per se, but he was always questioning every damn part of the plan, but never offered any options that didn’t involve KEWs.”

“KEWs? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Fargo shrugged, “Nope, he wanted to use a cruiser to hit the site with a KEW before we even went in. He doesn’t like indigs, even though they are all retired GalPat CSMs for Christ sake!”

Randall growled, “Do you want me to replace him?”

“Nah, if they troops are as good as you say, they’ll keep him out of the way, and out of trouble.”

“Would you object if I go along as an observer?”

“Observer, or as Sergeant Randall?”

Randall colored, “I’ll go wherever Captain Fargo leads. How’s that?”

“Nan, if you go, would you please stay on the bridge? And not let the troops see you? Anything else and you know they’ll think you’re checking up on them. Captain Jace would be happy to have you there.”

“Yes sir, I’ll be aboard at zero one hundred.”

[1] Low Observable

Navy Band…

Street concert last year at the Navy Memorial…

Ten minutes of good music! Enjoy!!!

Summer is winding down, the kids are back in school, and the days are getting shorter…

Enjoy the weekend and get out and do something! :-)

Must Read!!!

Nicki over at The Liberty Zone has a GREAT fisking up of a post on an NRA sticker in the rear window of a car…

It’s HERE, and I’ll just tell you now, don’t be drinking when you read it!

WELL DONE Nicki!!!


Anybody ever been in a place like this? Or sat in the rockers out on the front porch?

Postcard by Alan Teper

Postcard by Alan Teper

The proverbial old country store… One of my uncles ran one for years in Central Louisiana, carried pretty much everything from A-Z and I do remember saddles… :-)

The ‘smell’ of the store was a mix of food, leather, iron, and amalgam of years of coffee pots, and wood smoke. I remember my uncle ‘holding court’ behind a cash register just like the one below, unless it was one of the little old ladies, then he’d go get whatever they’d come in for…

From Ripley Auctions May 2011 gallery

From Ripley Auctions May 2011 gallery

I remember visits and being fascinated with it, and being able to punch the keys and crank the handle when somebody came in and bought something…

I also remember us both getting in trouble, because the thing to the left of the register was a paper tape and that was how my Aunt did the daily books… And my uncle had let me ‘play’ ringing up sales… It wasn’t pretty! And he carried people on credit too. Their word that they would pay (eventually) was good enough for him.

He was one of the folks that taught me to judge people by looking beyond how someone dressed and learn about the person themselves. One that I remember to this day was an old man who came in wearing threadbare overalls, rundown boots, and not much else. My uncle gave him everything he asked for on credit. Later that day, a man pulled up in a fancy car (either a Lincoln or Cadillac) came in flashing rings, watches, etc. and my uncle demanding he pay in cash. He also showed my what a flash roll was after that guy left, saying something about not trusting him.

Sadly, today the only place you’ll see a store like this is as a museum somewhere.

Range time!!!

So, I snuck out to the range Sunday to help a buddy sight in a couple of rifles to get ready for hunting season…

That went pretty well (except for the oopsie of not bringing ammunition for one rifle), three of four sighted in, and the fourth needs to go to a gunsmith. The scope was banged somehow or the other and it’s probably 5 degrees off to the left (and no ammo).

I got one string in on the HBAR, and just reconfirmed I’m too damn old to shoot irons… sigh

HBAR sight picture

There IS a target out there! (Somewhere)…HBAR1


Fired at 100 yards, rifle sighted for 200 yards. Two sighters, ten rounds. UGLY!


I did run into Dave Conrath, USA Shooting FCT member (I’ve shot with him at Quantico), and he was gracious enough to show off his new ‘stick’!

The pictures DON’T do it justice, it is absolutely beautiful!!!

Custom rifle 1

Custom built F Class rifle in .308, Nightforce target match scope.Custom rifle 2

He’s in load development and looking at increments of 1/10th of a grain. This was the ‘best’ load he’d had so far… 12 shots at 300 yards, just over 2.5 inches. And the rifle is not even finished it’s break-in period.load testing 2


As an OBTW, Team USA beat Ireland, Canada, the Brits, and Aussies to win the Creedmore Cup again last month in Ireland! In 20-30kt gusting winds!!!

He said the Irish were routinely cranking in 20-30 clicks of windage, THEN fine adjusting from there!!! (I suck at trying to dope out a 10 kt shifting wind)

Fact checking…

Obviously is NOT a strong suit of the Brady Bunch, but we already knew that didn’t we…

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence criticized Pence for recruiting the NRA, suggesting the organization is “first and foremost” a “lobbying organization.”

“There is no institution better equipped to train our servicemen and women than the US military itself,” Dan Gross, the Brady Campaigns president said. “This is not a job for lobbyists.”

From ABC News report HERE.

Really? Um… REALLY??? What about all of us Certified INSTRUCTORS???

From NRA Media-

Governor Mike Pence recently directed the state’s military bases and training centers to beef up security in response to recent attacks in Tennessee. With this order, he enlisted the National Rifle Association’s world-class training program and trainers. 

However, per usual, gun control advocates, like the Brady Campaign, placed politics above safety and the lives of our brave men and women. They criticized the Indiana Governor for recruiting the NRA to provide the good deed of offering free materials, training and facilities to the guardsmen. 

Suggesting that we, the NRA, are “first and foremost” a “lobbying organization”. 

If anyone has done their research or knows a little bit about the NRA, they would know that we were founded on the principles of marksmanship, and have continued till this day to teach firearm competency and safety to civilians through a network of over 120,000 certified instructors. No other organization in the world does more than the NRA to educate people on the safe and responsible use of firearms.

Not only do we instruct civilians, but we also instruct law enforcement. Over 65,000 Law Enforcement instructors have gone through our NRA training programs, and there are currently over 13,000 active instructors – specifically in law enforcement. 

So to say the NRA has no credibility in training those in the armed forces is a fallacy. It’s pretty easy to identify those who have and haven’t done their research. ​

Sigh… Keep on lying and yelling and ‘maybe’ they’ll find some low info voters that actually believe that BS!!!