The other side has been heard from…

Well, the LWL are out in full cry…

Rusty Depass, a South Carolina Republican, posted a comment on his Facebook page suggesting the gorilla that escaped form a local zoo was an ancestor of First Lady Michelle Obama. DePass posted the controversial comment shortly after hearing of the gorilla’s escape, saying: “I’m sure it’s just one of Michelle’s ancestors — probably harmless.”

Of course the left has called comment was racist and unacceptable. He was apparently outed by a SC blogger who found the comment on Facebook and posted it last week. Huffpo and numerous others are piling on as fast as they can..

Following outrage over the remark, DePass removed the comment from the social networking site and apologized, claiming the comment was a joke and he was only referencing Obamas past comments on evolution.

Facebook decided to “un-friend” DePass and completely removed his Facebook page from the site.

So much for equal opportunity and freedom of speech- Guess that ONLY goes one way…

The Columbia, SC Mayor released a statement saying: “You know, I don’t think there’s anything funny about that comment. That is the first lady of the United States. We’ve had a long tradition of wonderful first ladies, and I don’t think any of them deserve that type of comment.” Gee, where was the “love” for Sarah Palin and her daughter???

Why wasn’t DePass given a pass like Letterman???

Makes ya think doesn’t it… sigh…

OPed from the Washington Post…

Ms. Parker gets it right… Too bad she is in the minority, but she makes MANY valid points, especially how the Internet CAN be used to hold people responsible! Ms. Parker’s email is at the bottom of the article, if you agree, drop her a note of thanks! I already have…

By Kathleen Parker
Sunday, June 14, 2009

One thing we can conclude from David Letterman’s bad jokes about Sarah Palin: He hasn’t flown commercial in a while.

Letterman’s “slutty flight attendant” remark about Palin was in poor taste, we can all agree. But it was a joke, and Letterman is a comedian. The joke probably would have been shrugged off and forgotten — Palin proved her humorous good sportsmanship on “Saturday Night Live” during the campaign — if not for Letterman’s sexually suggestive “joke” about her daughter.

Everyone knows by now that Letterman made fun of the Palin family’s trip to New York last week. He quipped that Palin’s daughter got “knocked up” by Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez during the seventh inning. Unable to stop his slide into the gutter, he said that the hardest part of the visit was keeping Eliot Spitzer away from her daughter.

Ba-da-bad. Alas, the only daughter with Palin was 14-year-old Willow.

Sorry, Dave, not funny. It was a joke according to stand-up formula — take two disparate news items and combine them in an unexpected way. No one does this better than humor columnist Andy Borowitz, who has the blogosphere in a snit with his column suggesting that Newt Gingrich accused Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor of faking her broken ankle to get sympathy. It was a JOKE!

The flight attendant line is a grown-up joke that one may or may not think is funny — though my guess is that many of the offended big brothers out there were happy to participate in the Palin-as-sexy-librarian fantasy. Fess up.

In any case, the joke was about an adult voluntarily in the public arena and, therefore, clearly of a different order than suggesting sexual relations between a child and a man. We call that rape. Letterman’s sort-of apology fell short of fixing things. He didn’t mean the 14-year-old daughter, he said. He meant the 18-year-old.

Sir, may I offer you a shovel? Or, perchance, a backhoe? Letterman was way off base and should apologize sincerely. But, please, may we stop there?

Calls for censorship or worse are far more dangerous to the land of the free than any inappropriate one-liner. John McCain — ever the chivalrous warrior — sallied forth with his own disapproving statement Thursday, saying: The Palins “deserve some kind of protection from being the butt of late-night hosts.”

They do? Are we talking vigilantes — or just good ol’ government censorship?

No, the Palins don’t deserve protection from late-night hosts. No one does. But children deserve protection from adults who have lost sight of their responsibility to be wardens of the innocent. And parents are the best guardians of their children. Keeping them out of the limelight seems a good starting point. And, no, I’m not suggesting that anyone “asked for it.”

The Palin jokes, for lack of a better term, were merely the latest in a string of recent hostile treatments of women — conservative women in particular. The Playboy magazine Web site listing conservative women whom men would like to have “hate” sex with was beyond the pale. The harsh treatment of poor Miss California USA (since dethroned) when she expressed her opinion that marriage should be between a man and a woman was simply unfair.

Opinions don’t get punished in this country. Period.

But we do have a problem, don’t we? Simply put, the zeitgeist has become mean and nasty, and we’re at a loss as to how to fix it. Here’s one thought: The Internet — which, ironically, contributes to the problem — may be the best solution possible.

Both gift and curse, the Internet has been so revolutionary and its gifts so immense that we’ve been like inmates in sudden possession of the keys. Instant access to a bullhorn and the world as one’s stage has unleashed a monstrous id, that undisciplined, infant part of the human psyche that wants what it wants when it wants. Multiply that by billions, and civilization is one harried nanny.

Thus, we have hate-sex Web pages and millions of others that degrade women, sexualize children and leave man — and womankind — to their basest instincts. Such is the profoundly messy, sometimes frightening, part of free expression.

On the other hand, we also have the passionate voices of sensible Americans who won’t let a comedian get away with trivializing rape. Which suggests that the best defense against rude comics is not “some kind of protection,” but the rallying cry of people who demand more from their society and themselves.

[email protected]

On another note- I did send an email to both Worldwide Pants and CBS, and as expected, ONLY got a form response from CBS ‘thanking me” for my comment… I’m just going to vote with my remote… No more CBS in my house.

EDIT- There IS a website going after Letterman for his actions! HERE is the link for Fire David Letterman. 🙂

h/t Reaganite Republican

Sadly, I just got an email that three soldiers in my buddy’s unit, the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, GA Nat’l Guard were killed in an IED attack in Ghazni, Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago. Their Memorial was held Jun 12 in Ghazni-

Maj. Kevin M. Jenrette, 37, of Lula, Ga.,
Sgt. First Class John C. Beale, 39, of Riverdale, Ga. (Promoted to current rank posthumously)
Sgt. Jeffrey W. Jordan, 21, of Rome, Ga. (Promoted to current rank posthumously)

May God bless the families as they grieve their tragic losses.

Is it just me???

So I guess it is now okay to trash a sitting governor, suggest the rape of a 14 year old, and get laughs for it??? AND get laughs for his “apology”???

Where are the calls for Letterman to be fired?

Where are the Feminists protesting about the treatment of the daughter?

Where are the prominent politicians calling for his head?

Oh yeah, where is the main stream media outrage and coverage?

Oh wait, I know… I know…

White Female- Check
Republican- Check
Pro-life- Check
2A supporter- Check
Potential force in 2012- Check

Yeah, it’s all good, go ahead…

But what if the same things had been said about Michelle and Malia Obama? Would we be seeing the same responses???

Somehow I think not…

Anybody have ANY doubts about fairness in the MSM anymore?

Well, it happened…

An avowed long time white supremacist and hate monger, James W. von Brunn has shot or shot at least a couple of guards at the Holocaust Museum in DC today. He is apparently 88 years old, WWII Navy PT boat vet, and was convicted back in 1981 for similar actions against the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. He was also apparently virulently anti-Jew and basically anybody that was not white. He lived in Maryland, and somehow got a “long gun” that he used.

It appears the guards did their jobs, and protected the patrons, immediately taking steps to stop the man, and taking him under fire. Sadly, they just said one of the guards has died…

I just wonder if that guard was ex-military…

The point though, is the “talking heads” on the MSM are jumping on this, reporting that J. Napolitano’s memo on right wing extremist military types is dead on, and THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE…

They are also saying the “trends” (and they are using the Pittsburgh shooter and Timothy McVay as other trend points) are indicating the “military” right wingers are becoming more and more dangerous, and everyone should report ANYBODY with a gun or any suspicious activity immediately to the police, regardless.

Now this guy was a WWII vet, so are they going to say now all WWII vets are also right wing extremists?

They are also quoting that he “appears” to have acted alone, no prior threats, but they are investigating, etc.

Another report now says von Brunn was apparently on an FBI watch list…

Oh lovely, now they are saying ex-military people are more on edge and nearer their “flash point” and it only takes a little bit to set them off; like a bad economy, fear, etc…

Sigh… This guy was obviously a nut job, and has been for MANY years, and something tripped him off line. He was already a convicted felon, so broke the law yet again to do this today, and we are ALL being branded because of it.

Please keep the family of the guard in your prayers.

Edit- As of 1830, CBS now has THIS up on it’s blog site…


THIS from the Washington Times, inside the beltway column…

From today’s you couldn’t make it up if you tried file…
Obama’s protectors have ordered graduating Midshipmen to leave their swords in their car or room, nor can they bring umbrellas to the commissioning…

I had heard about this and thought it was just a BS rumor. Apparently not…

I CANNOT tell you how pissed I am at the gaul of the Administration to pull something like this!

And I suppose Commissioned Officers through Flag rank to leave their swords at home. Full Dress White includes “wear sword”. More to the point…

Those badges of office have been earned in a manner the “president” and his minions just wouldn’t begin to understand.

Important traditions that inspire are kind of lost on the red banner crowd, apparently.

Ceremonial swords never seemed to bother the Secret Service for any previous President. And before World War II, the swords were not particularly “ceremonial”, I’ve seen some of those blades at the Navy Museum in DC and they had been well used; boarding actions did occur on the China Station pre-war against river pirates, warlords, etc. Those swords were worn not just to graduation, but to Inaugurations, in the receiving line at the White House afterward, to the Inaugural Ball. Somehow nobody gave it a second thought. Somehow even Presidents in the past didn’t presume to specify items of uniform.

But of course, what worked for Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, F.D.R., the Bushes, and others (including even Clinton), any other rational non-cult leader…..doesn’t work for this former state senator anointed by the Chicago machine.

Does he secretly consider our Naval and Military leaders “the enemy”? Perhaps the message this sends escaped his handlers.

Sad, sad, sad; and follow me on this Mr. president and minions…..

It is insulting and contemptible beyond belief!!!

That is all.


Another one you WON’T see on the MSM- A friend working mids at CSG USAFE (Ramstein), and three nights ago the Ramstein command post sent out a notice that the west gate of Ramstein was closed and the entire west side of the base was of limits due to a “special event”.

The Lt (ell-tee) on duty with my friend looked up from the DVD movie she was watching and mused, “Hmmmm, I wonder what it could be, maybe it’s the musical group that’s going to play at the officer’s club later this week.

My friend responded with, “ell-tee, a big blue-and-white 747 with United States of America painted on the side, landed here this evening, and is parked waaaaaaaaayyyy off in the corner, and the “president” is visiting Europe to trash America. Do you think that just maybe it might be his airplane and he is making a quick dash up to Landstuhl for some PR photos with injured
soldiers before running off to france???”

The ell-tee responded with, “Oh, yeah, you might be right”, then went back to watching her movie.

My friend said the event was kept very low key, no one was told the Lightbringer was on Ramstein or at Landstuhl, and NO one was allowed to see him or any of his gang; My thought- This was a pretty tacky way to do things; and once again a slam at the Military.

I was in the military for a long time, and I don’t recall one time when we weren’t told the President was in the area – of course he’s only brave when he can stand in front of a teleprompter and run his big mouth to trash America.

Apparently his visit with Angela Merkel didn’t go so well either.

On a different note- Finally got out of Japan, so a couple of points- On landing in Narita, we had to stay in our seats until the “nurses” in bio-hazard suits came onboard and looked at each passenger, and questioned some who had the mis-fortune to cough at the wrong time…

We had to fill out papers about where we were staying, and REALLY go through health screening lines prior to C&I (First time I have EVER seen those desks manned). Then to clear C&I, you had to have a piece of paper that said you had been through “Quarantine”.

Once we cleared C&I, I was amazed at how empty Narita was, again I have NEVER seen that few people there!

Coming out of Narita yesterday, I was talking to a businessman in the Red Carpet, he was telling me about a neighbor who finally bought an apartment in Tokyo for $2million, AND had to pay $167,000 for a PARKING SPACE!!! It is now required that you have proof of a parking space to buy a car in Japan!

Talk about Big Brother…

Off to NORCAL to sneak a couple of days with the kids… 🙂

D-Day, from a different perspective…

Gleaves Class Destroyer- This particular one is the USS McCook. See below for more…

We all know of the heroism of the Troops that hit the beaches on D-Day, June 6. What many people don’t realize is the Navy, in the form of Destroyers, were providing covering fire and taking the shore batteries from basically point blank (4000 yards and less) range to try to put them out of action and save the troops lives.

Three particular Destroyers stand out- The USS Corry, DD-463, which was the lead Destroyer, and was actually sunk by counter-battery fire from the shore. HERE is a link to her story, with an interview by Edward R. Murrow of the Commanding Officer, LCDR Hoffman.

Another is USS Fitch, DD-462, she was also on the line and was doing the same thing as Corry. The Fitch actually came to the rescue of the Corry personnel, saving many of them, in addition to continuing to counter-battery against the Germans on the shore. HERE is a link to their deck log. Interesting reading, to put it mildly!

Lastly the USS McCook, DD-496. McCook departed with Destroyer Squadron 18 (DesRon 18) and ships of Assault Force “O” for the coast of France. Early 6 June, she arrived in the Baie de la Seine and at 03:20 commenced bombardment of the beaches and waterfront of the Pointe du HocVierville-sur-Mer area. By 06:16 she had neutralized her assigned targets (three pillboxes, 13 machine gun nests and three shore guns) and had begun to take on targets of opportunity. By the end of the day, she had added to her score seven pillboxes, eight gun emplacements and ten stone houses, in which enemy machine guns and snipers had been placed.

One of the things McCook did was take out the batteries at the top of Pointe du Hoc, allowing 2nd Ranger Battalion to actually make the climb.

I know this is not the standard D-Day post, but I wanted to take a little bit of a different tack than what you normally see…

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


67 years ago today, the battle for Midway Island took place. Most Americans at the time didn’t even know where or what Midway Island was.

Midway Atoll was and is a speck in the Middle of the Northern Pacific that consists of three islands, Midway, Spit and East. Midway and East both had runways built to support the war effort and Pan Am had built up Midway.

Only those few who could afford the price of an international plane ticket had ever visited, courtesy of Pan Am and the Clipper Flying Boats that landed at Midway for gas and overnight stops at the “Gooneyville Lodge” as the Pan Am House was called.

This is the reprint from the All Hands of Aug 1942.

In June 1942, a month after the decisive U.S. victory in the Coral Sea, Japan was dealt a fatal blow at Midway Island-a blow that would turn the course of World War II in favor of the Allies. In August 1942 ALL HANDS, then known as the Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin, published the following account of the Battle of Midway-the beginning of the end of the fight in the Pacific.

Early in June, near the island of Midway, about 1100 miles to the west of Pearl Harbor, units of our Army, Navy, and Marine Corps joined action with a strong Japanese Invasion fleet which was approaching our Midway outpost.

At about 9 a.m., June 3, Navy Patrol planes reported a strong force of enemy ships about 700 miles off Midway, proceeding eastward. Nine U.S. Army B-17 Flying Fortresses based on Midway immediately were ordered to intercept and attack the approaching enemy. The Japanese force was approaching in five columns and was composed of many cruisers, transports, cargo vessels, and other escort ships. The Army bombers scored hits on one cruiser and one transport. Both ships were severely damaged and left burning.

About dawn on June 4, several groups of Army medium and heavy bombers and U.S. Marine Corps dive bombers and torpedo planes took to the air from Midway to attack the approaching enemy. Four Army torpedo bombers attacked two enemy aircraft carriers through a heavy screen of enemy fighter protection and a curtain of anti-aircraft fire. One torpedo hit on a carrier is believed to have been made. Two of the four bombers failed to return.

Six Marine Corps torpedo planes attacked the enemy force in the face of heavy odds. It is believed this group scored one hit on an enemy ship. Only one of the six planes returned to its base.

Sixteen Marine Corps dive bombers attacked and scored three hits on a carrier, which is to have been the Soryu. Only half of the attacking planes returned. Another group of 11 Marine Corps dive bombers made a later attack on enemy ships and reported two bomb hits on an enemy battleship, which was left smoking and listing.

A group of 16 U.S. Army Flying Fortresses carried out high-level bombing attacks, according three hits on enemy carriers. One carrier was left smoking heavily.

Shortly after the Marine Corps planes had left Midway, the island itself was attacked by a large group of carrier-based enemy planes. They were engaged by a badly out-numbered Marine Corps fighter force, which met the enemy in the air as he arrived. These defending fighters, aided by anti-aircraft batteries, shot down at least 40 of the enemy planes. As the result, the material damage to shore installations, though serious, was not disabling. No plane was caught grounded at Midway.

Meanwhile, U.S. Naval forces afloat were being brought into position. Our carrier-based aircraft were launched and were proceeding to the spot where the enemy’s previous course and speed would have placed him had he chosen to continue the assault. Unaware of the enemy’s of course, one group of Navy fighters and dive bombers searched along the reported track to the southeast until shortage of gas forced them to abandon the search. Some were forced down at sea when they ran out of gas. Most were later rescued.

A different flight composed of fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo planes concluded that the enemy was retreating. Fifteen torpedo planes from this group, located the enemy westward and proceeded to attack at once without protection or assistance of any kind. Although some hits were reported by radio, and although some enemy fighters were shot down, the total damage inflicted in this attack may never be known. None of the 15 planes returned. The sole survivor of the 30 officers was Ensign G.H. Gay Jr., who scored one torpedo hit on an enemy carrier before he was shot down.

Other torpedo planes proceeded to press the attack after the enemy had been located. In spite of heavy losses during these attacks, the torpedo planes engaged the attention of the enemy fighters and anti-aircraft batteries to such a degree that our dive bombers were able to drop bomb after bomb on the enemy ships without serious interference. Navy dive bombers scored many hits and inflicted upon the enemy the following damage:

The Kaga, Akagi, and Soryu, aircraft carriers, were severely damaged. Gasoline in planes caught on their flight decks ignited, starting fires which burned until each carrier had sunk. Two battleships were hit. One was left burning fiercely. One destroyer was hit and is believed to have sunk.

Shortly after this battle, a force of about 36 enemy planes from the damaged carrier Hiryu attacked the U.S. aircraft carrierYorktown and her escorts. Eleven of 18 Japanese bombers in this group were shot down before their bombs were dropped. Seven got through our fighter protection. Of the seven, one was disintegrated by a surface ship’s anti-aircraft fire; a second dropped its bomb load into the sea and plunged in after it; while a third was torn to shreds by machine gun fire from U.S. fighter planes. Four enemy bombers escaped after scoring three hits.

Shortly afterward, 12 to 15 enemy torpedo planes escorted by fighters attacked Yorktown. Five succeeded in launching torpedoes, but were destroyed as they attempted to escape. Yorktown was hit and put out of action. The damage caused a list which rendered her flight deck useless. Her aircraft, however, continued operating from other U.S. carriers.

While this attack on Yorktown was in progress, some of her own planes located the carrier Hiryu in company with battleships, cruisers, and destroyers. Our carrier planes immediately attacked this newly-located force. Hiryu was hit repeatedly and left blazing from stem to stern. She sank the following morning. Two of the enemy battleships were pounded severely by bombs and a heavy cruiser was damaged severely.

During the same afternoon (June 4), a U.S. submarine scored three torpedo hits on the smoking carrier Soryu as the enemy was attempting to take her into tow. Soryu sank during the night.

Just before sunset (June 4) U.S. Army bombers delivered a heavy bomb attack on the crippled and burning ships. Three hits were scored on a damaged carrier (probably Akagi); one hit was scored on a large ship; one hit on a cruiser was left burning; and one destroyer was believed sunk.

By sundown on June 4 the United States forces had gained mastery of the air in the region of Midway.

At dawn (June 5) our forces were marshalling their strength for further assaults against the enemy fleets which by now had separated into several groups, all in full retreat.

In the afternoon of June 5, Army Flying Fortresses attacked enemy cruisers again and scored three direct hits upon one heavy cruiser. One the return ship, one of these planes was lost; a second was forced down at sea 15 miles from the Midway. All except one of the crew of the second plane were rescued. Early on June 6 an air search discovered two groups of enemy ships, each containing cruisers and destroyers.

Between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m., U.S. carrier planes attacked one group which contained the heavy cruisers Mikuma and Mogamiand three destroyers. At least two bomb hits were scored on each Japanese cruiser. One of these destroyers was sunk.

The attacks were carried on until 5:30p.m. Mikuma was sunk shortly after noon. Mogami was gutted and subsequently sunk. Another enemy cruiser and a destroyer also were hit during these series of attacks.

It was during this afternoon (June 6) that the U.S. destroyer Hammann was torpedoed and sunk by an enemy submarine. Most of her crew were rescued.

Repeated attempts were made to contact the remainder of the Japanese invasion fleet but without success. The battle was over.

The following is a recapitulation of the damage inflicted upon the enemy during the battle of Midway.

Four Japanese aircraft carriers, the Kaga, Akagi, Soryu, and Hiryu were sunk. Three battleships were damaged by bomb and torpedo hits, one severely. Two heavy cruisers, Mogami and Mikuma were sunk. Three others were damaged, one or two severely. One light cruiser was damaged. Three destroyers were sunk and several others were damaged by bombs. At least three transports or auxiliary ships were damaged, and one or more sunk.

The Battle of Midway was a complex and widespread action involving a number of engagements lasting more than three days and nights. Even our active participants in the numerous attacks and counter-attacks are unable to give an accurate account of the damage inflicted by any group in the many individual and unified attacks of our Army, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel.

Note that NOTHING was said about the code breakers, nor their work, as at the time that was still Top Secret. CDR Rochefort and his folks at Hypo had broken JN-25 which was the Japanese code, and the translated phrase “AF is short of water” was the clue that ADM Nimitz needed to move the Pacific Fleet. Sadly, he could not reinforce Midway itself (nor could they later reinforce Guam) for fear of giving away the fact they knew the attacks were coming.

I have been very lucky that during my Navy career, I actually got to Midway Island and was able to walk the ground both on Midway and East Island (which is basically as it was left in 1945).

It literally sent chills down my back to know that I was on the same land that was one of the first turning points in the war against Japan.

I have also seen the actual debriefing chart used to debrief ADM Nimitz after the battle occurred. That chart hangs in the Flag Cabin at Makalapa, HI across from ADM Nimitz desk. It also includes both US and Japanese movements, and the HYPO code information extracted from JN-25.

There will be a wreath laying at the Navy Memorial in DC today 4 June, between 2-3 pm. ADM Roughead the CNO and Gen. Amos the Asst. Commandant of the Marine Corps will be the speakers. This IS open to the public!

HERE is a link to the Navy site on Midway and the battle, please take a few minutes to go and read/listen to the stories…

Thank you for supporting our Veterans and our troops today!

What the Frack???

The Lightbringer is NOW “proud” of his Muslim heritage as he goes to apologize once again (kiss ass) to the Middle Eastern Countries??? Ah… didn’t he spend the ENTIRE campaign saying he was NOT a Muslim and was a Christian???

Now we have THIS quote from a senior administration official yesterday, after they finally admitted they have been emphasizing “certain elements” of the Lightbringer’s background- “The background is appropriate in this speech, it partially opens the door to dialogue. I don’t think there’s any question he has a unique background that has value.”

And in an interview on French TV, the Lightbringer said the “US is one of the most populous Muslim Countries”??? Somebody needs to learn how to fact check… Only THREE countries have lower populations than our 2%, Brazil, Argentina and Australia! Here’s the reference

Another concern, what is the speech he is giving in Egypt, with specific invites sent to Muslim Brotherhood, going to do to relations with Israel? Especially since Hamas was started by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1987 after the first Intifada and, as we all know, is rather violent??? Here’s the reference

One thing’s for damn sure- There won’t be any “truth” told in any of these speeches by the Lightbringer! The only dynamic is going to be negative for the USA!

In other notes- I made the mistake of going out to dinner with some Japanese Officers the other night. My ONLY excuse was I was tired from flying in, and just didn’t think that one through… Or at least far enough through to realize I was about to do something REALLY dumb…

We went out to a nice Japanese restaurant (everybody paid a portion of the bill), and I let them order for everybody (mistake #1), I didn’t pay a lot of attention to what was delivered and the descriptions (mistake #2, and not being fluent in Japanese didn’t help), and not being a little more forceful in asking what we were eating (mistake #3, I didn’t want to offend).

What, you may ask, has me even talking about it? How about horse meat and chicken liver sashimi, with horse fat ‘cheese’ accompaniments? Now remember sashimi means raw!!!

Hell I don’t even like COOKED horse meat, I don’t care how many French sauces you pour over it…

I managed to choke down enough to be polite, then excused myself as soon as I could pleading tiredness. I found a Mickey D’s on the way back and at least got something recognizable to eat…

And crashed, and woke up at 0330 and couldn’t get back to sleep… sigh…

Travel is SO much fun… NOT…

Something Old, Something New…

Well, today was take a PHD to the range day…

One of my project scientists decided he wanted to go shooting, so I invited him out to the range. Now he IS both a mathematician and an acoustician, so he’s a pretty smart cookie, and actually has pretty good common sense and people skills…

Anyhoo, we met up at FRGC, and spent about 20 minutes going over the four rules, next we went down to the rifle range, and I brought out the M-4 to let him try that, and see what his skill set was. I checked the zero on the TA-31 and it looked good, so I had him do a dry fire load, then gave him a Barney Fife mag and let him load, trip the bolt, and fire a round. He did all those well, so I let him have a 30 rounder of 55gr to shoot off. He didn’t do too badly at 100 yards off the bench, but he was complaining all the shots seeming to be going high left. Now I thought it might have been the difference with my eyes/zero and his eyes/aim point, but that wasn’t true.
The interesting part, if you look at the 100 yard target below, is the rounds inside the orange square are 69gr shot offhand. The rounds to the upper left are 55 gr shot offhand with the same aimpoint!
I’ve never encountered this before, so any comments are appreciated. The ONLY thing I can think of, is the 55gr are “flying” differently…
Since he was doing pretty good, I brought out the “old” gun- 1962 Winchester Model 94 in 30-30. I put a couple down range to check the sights, drew up a sight picture for the Buckhorn sight for him, and he at least hit the paper 🙂
His parting comment was, “This is NOT as easy as it looks on TV!” I just grinned…
Then it was off to the pistol range.
I started him on the old Ruger .22 with the same drill, dry fire, a Barney Fife, and once he was comfortable, he shot a couple of magazines. Next up was the Python, I started him on .38 spl to see how he managed the recoil and flinching, and no problems, so about a half a box of .38 later I brought out the .357 ammo. THAT got his attention! 🙂
Next up was my carry pistol, C&S 1911, again same drill and let him shoot about half a box of practice ammo, then I gave him a mag of Hydroshocks. After the first round he looked over at me with the funniest expression, like whatthehellisthis??? He finished the mag and I let him finish the box of practice ammo. He did pretty well with both, but on the last mag I could really see he was starting to flinch/anticipate the recoil, so I called a halt at that point.
I shot a cylinder of .357 and a couple of mags of .45 and we called it a day.
On yeah, one funny note- While we were up at the rifle range, a couple of guys were sighting in/testing a 300 Whisper. They had the full setup including the Chrono, load sheets, et al. Since he was curious, we walked over during one of the cold range periods, and got to talking to the guys. Remember I said this guy is a PHD right? He starts asking questions like bullet coefficient, muzzle velocity, etc. and starts doing the math OFF THE TOP OF HIS HEAD!!! We all pretty much had the old deer in the headlights look when he started that… funny thing was, he was pretty much dead on with what the bullets were doing…
As we were leaving, I asked him if his wrist was hurting, he said it was and wanted to know why- Recoil my friend, recoil… 🙂
On the way back, he was asking for recommendations for pistols, so I “think” it was a pretty productive day!